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Mr Kim Yong Hun


1979. Seoul National University, LL.B.

1981. Judge, Seoul Civil District Court

1983. Judge, Seoul Criminal District Court

1985. Judge, Gunsan Branch of Jeonju District Court

1987. Judge, Eastern Branch of Seoul District Court

1991. Judge, Seoul High Court

1993. Chief Judge, Yeongdong Branch of Cheongju District Court

1995. Judge, Seoul High Court

1996. Senior Judge, Jeonju District Court

1998. Professor, Judicial Research and Training Institute

2001. Senior Judge, Seoul District Court

2003. Senior Judge, Daejeon High Court

2005. Senior Judge, Seoul High Court

2006. Chief Senior Judge, Seoul Central District Court

2008. Senior Judge, Seoul High Court

2009. Chief Senior Judge, Seoul High Court

2010. Chief Judge, Daejeon District Court

2011. Chief Judge, Seoul Family Court

2012. Chief Judge, Gwangju High Court

2013.~ Current Secretary General, Constitutional Court


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