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Guido Neppi Modona


Degree in Criminal Law, University of Torino, 1962
Post doctoral degree in Criminal Law, Roma, 1966

Professional Experiences

Public Prosecutor, Torino, 1964-1967
Judge, Torino and Roma, 1967-1975
Full Professor of Law (Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure), Catania and Torino, 1975-1996
Member of the Commission to Reform the Criminal Procedure Code, Department of Justice, Roma, 1974-1992
Defense Lawyer, National Bar Association, Torino, 1976-1993
Editorial Commentator of the daily newspaper "La Repubblica", Roma, 1976-1996
Co-editor of the "Rivista di storia contemporanea", Torino, 1975-1989
Justice and Vice-President of the Italian Constitutional Court, Roma, November 1996-November 2005
University courses in criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal justice and the press in the Universities of Torino and Aosta, 2006

Experiences in U.S.A., Australia and Canada

Senior Visiting Scholar, Yale Law School, September 1986-July 1987
Visiting Professor, New York University, Italian Department, June 1987
Visiting Professor, New York University School of Law, Fall Semester 1989
Lectures at Berkeley School of Law, Harward Law School, November and December 1989 Lectures at University of Sidney, Griffith University, Monash University, Melbourne University, July and August 1991
Lectures at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, Toronto, March 1994


The main fields of interest of my numerous publications are Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, also on a comparative basis in Italy and the United States, Terrorism and Organized Crime, Judiciary Power, also in an historical perspective during the liberal State, the fascist regime and the republican period, the Penitentiary System in Italy, in an historical perspective and in its current functioning, the functioning of constitutional justice and its role towards the legislative and the executive powers.

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