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Grainne McMorrow
Senior Counsel

Human Rights Lawyer and International  Jurist.

Professor of Law, National Universiy of Ireland, Galway. School of Law, Centre for Disability Law and Policy. (Adjunct)

Senior Counsel,PracticIng Barrister, (1985- to date ).Member of the Irish , United Kingdom and New South Wales Australia Bars, Member of the Law Library, Four Courts Dublin

Visiting Fellow in Comparative Human Rights LaTrobe University Melbourne 1992

Chair of the International Association of Irish Lawyers, London 1996

Mental Health Act Commissioner (Inspectorate Role) at Broadmoor Special Hospital, UK 1994-1998

Chair of the National Practitioners Group for Mentally Disordered Offenders, UK,  1994-95

Sole Member of the McMorrow (Douch) Statutory Commission of Investigation into the killing  in Mountjoy Prison of a young prisoner (Gary Douch) by a mentally ill cellmate – (Ireland) Report Published May 2014

Member ( Alternate) of the Council of Europe, Venice Commission.

Member of the Venice Commission Sub-Commissions on the Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights, Gender Equality,Constitutional Justce, International Law,Protection of Minorities, Judiciary, Latin America, and Democratic Institutions.

Member of the National Crime Council Ireland 2007-2009 co- authored Problem Solving Justice - Alternatives to Custody - the Case for Community Courts.

Member of the Professor Genevra Richardson Expert Scoping Group UK reviewing the operation of the 1983 UK Mental Health Act 1994-98

Chair of the Mental Health Commission Review  Tribunal reviewing the legality of detained patients (Ireland) 2006-2010

Shortlisted for the Times, Justice Human Rights Award, UK .1994.

Founder Member of the Irish Women Lawyers Association

Legal Expert and international consultant  on Prison law and Penitentiary systems, Mental Health, Human Rights .



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