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Academic qualifications:

- Law graduate (University Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, 1990)

- Master’s degree in Law (Coimbra University of Law, with Specialization in Legal-Procedural Sciences, 2002)



- Teacher in the Law Department of the Portucalense University, since 1990/1991, currently regent of the disciplines of “General Theory of Process” and “Declarative Procedure” (3rd grade) and “Enforcement” (4th grade).

- Lawyer, with office in Oporto, inscribed in the Bar Association since July 1992.

- Member of the Commission for the Reform of the Civil Procedure, established by order nr 12714/2011 of the Minister of Justice, published in the Official Journal of 23/09/2011.

- Member of the Oporto District Council of the Bar Association, triennium 2014-2016, as Chairman of the Training Centre of this Council.


Conferences and lectures:

More than nine dozens of conferences and lectures on civil procedure, by invitation of several universities, of the Centre for Judicial Studies, of the Bar Association and of other entities.


Published works:

- Reconvention, Bulletin of the Coimbra Law School, Vol. LXX (Offprint), Coimbra 1994.

- Civil Procedure (as co-author), Oporto 1994/1995.

- The new civil procedure (as co-author), Coimbra 2010.

- Remedy of the process defects before and after the term of the new Code of Civil Procedure, Coimbra 2003.

- Actions and declarative incidents in the dependence of the enforcement, Themis, Year V, nr 9, Lisbon 2004.

- Reflections on the new enforcement action, Sub Judice, Justiça e Sociedade, nr 29, October/December, Coimbra 2004.

- Brief considerations on the announced “Special and experimental procedural regime”, Bulletin of the Bar Association, nr 40, January/February 2006.

- Notification, citation and default of appearance, Themis, Year II, nr 13, Lisbon 2006.

- The fundamental lines of the enforcement action, Revista do CEJ, 2nd Semester 2009, nr 12

- The introductory phase of the enforcement action, Revista Maia Jurídica, Year VI, nr 1, January/June 2008.

- The introductory phase of the enforcement action for the payment of the right amount with the amendments introduced by DL nr 226/2008, of 20 November, Revista Jurídica da Universidade Portucalense, nr 14, 2011.

- Topics for the reform of the Portuguese civil procedure, Julgar, nr 17, May/August 2012.

- Remedy of defects and preliminary hearing, Revista do Ministério Público, Cadernos 11, 2012.

- Introduction to the study and application of the Code of Civil Procedure of 2013 (as co-author), Coimbra 2013.

- Declarative Civil Procedure, Coimbra 2014.


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