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Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, Albania


1983-1987       Graduated in Law, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, Albania

         1995       Post graduated in Law Studies and received the title “Doctor”


Academic and professional career

1999    “Associated Professor”

2005    “Professor”

2009    “Associated member” of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Albania


Other qualifications:

1996    Bar exam, received the title “Advocate”, Albanian Bar Association


Work experiences

1987-present   Professor of Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law and History of Law,  Faculty of Law, Tirana University, Tirana, Albania

2000-2007       Head of Public Law Department, Faculty of Law, Tirana University, Tirana, Albania

1998-1999       Deputy Dean of the Faculty, Faculty of Law, Tirana University, Tirana, Albania

2007-2008       Dean of the Law Faculty, Faculty of Law, Tirana University, Tirana, Albania


Relevant additional experiences:

2014-present,  member of International Association of the Constitutional Law

2004-present, Trainer at the Albanian School of Magistrates, for continuous training of judges and prosecutors with regard to victims’ rights during court proceedings;

2006-present, Member of the Board of the Albanian Bar Association

2000-present   Advocate specialized on non discrimination and gender equality law;

2013-present, Professor of Constitutional Law, Professional School for Advocates, Albanian Bar Association

2004-present, national expert of international organizations and Albanian Government She has involved in several projects on drafting laws and monitoring of the courts.


Human rights activist:

2005-present   Executive Director of the Center for Legal Civic Initiatives (NGO)

1997-present,  member of Albanian Helsinki Committee (NGO)

Publications: She is the author of two monographs, several textbooks and of several scientific articles, human rights reports, papers and speeches for national and international activities.


Main relevant articles published in English language:

  • Law making citizens’ initiatives and the constitutional law in Albania (Legislation, jurisprudence, practice), published by “Krytyka Prawa. Njezalezne studia nad prawem”, Tom VI, Akademia Leona Kozminskiego, ISSN 2080-1084, Warszawa, 2014

  • The execution of the court decisions with regard to the payment of alimony in favour of the children in cases of divorce (the case of Albania). Published by “In margine al Sinodo 2014. Riflessioni in punto di diritto su matrimonio e famiglia”. Cacucci Editore, Bari. ISBN: 978-88-6611-292-1

  •  “Albanian Constitutional rights in the framework of the implementation of stabilization and association agreement with EU”, published in “Integrazione e politiche di vicinato: Nuovi diritti e nuove economie”, edited by Dammacco, G., Sietk, B.Uricchio, (2012) A. Cacucci Editore, ISBN: 978-88-6611-137-5

  • “Independent administrative Institutions”, in “Comparative view of Administrative Law Issues”, Manual, AECID, 2010

  • “Linguistic Rights in Albania”, Co-author, published by “Shippensburg journal of modern languages” (SJML), Pensilvania (SHBA), 2009.

  • “Freedom of Religion in the Constitution of Albania”, in “European Review of Public Law”, Esperia Publications Ltd, Vol.17-No 1, spring/2005

  • “Educational Rights in Albania”, (scientific paper) co-author, in “No person shall be denied the right to education”, published by Wolf Legal Publishers, November 2004 (10 pg). ISBN: 90-5850-098-5.

  • “Up-to-date approach to the Albanian law of the period 1912-1914”, in “Studia Albanica”, Albanian Academy of Science, Tirana, 2003.


Main relevant publications in Albanian language:

  • Monograph “Political institutions and constitutional law in Albania during 1912-1939”, Tirana, 1997; ISBN: 99927-606-2-1

  • Monograph, “Rule of Law in the Albanian Constitution”, Co-author,Tirana, 2011, published on, ISBN 978-99956-32-09-0

  • Constitutional Law”, textbook, Co-author, ABC, Tirana, 2008, ISBN 978-99956-01-41-6.
  • “Gender equality and non-discrimination”, textbook, Co-author, Tirana, 2012. ISBN 978-9928-162-04-5
  • History of Institutions”, University Press, Tirana, (First publication: 1998, republication five times), textbook for the students of the Law Faculty. ISBN: 99927-0-297-4
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