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Prof. Dr. Visar Morina



01/03/2002 – Present - Lecturer in Law

Faculty of Law, University of Prishtina, (Kosovo), Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Course "Constitutional law" and "Local Governance" at the bachelor and a course "Constitutional Protection of Human Rights" at the master level (which includes ECHR and its jurisprudence)
  • Chair of the Department for Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Corresponding Editor at the Vienna Journal for International Constitutional Law.



Short-term Environmental Policy Expert

GIZ project “Elaboration of the study “On the assessment of the legal situation in the proposed transboundary area of Sharri/šar- Planina and Korab-Koritnik”



Short-term Environmental Policy Expert

Open Regional Fund for South-East Europe – Biodiversity (ORF-BD) within the project „Regional Network for Biodiversity Information Management and Reporting (BIMR)

  • ​Worked in a study regarding biodiversity information management and reporting for South-East Europe (SEE).



Trainer for the Civil Society Organizations on the implementation of the Aarhus Convention (short-term expert).

The program "Sustainable Environmental Civil Society Support - SpECIES" -  The Regional Environmental Center (REC) – Office in Kosovo

  • ​Developed training materials in line with the training agenda developed by REC team, Delivered training session/s for participating ECSO representatives, on the ‘Aarhus Convention’ and facilitated discussions and group work during training session covering the key principles related to Aarhus convention and their implications at the Kosovo legislation.



Short-Term Legal Expert

Institute for Development Policy – INDEP

'Empowering Civil Society through Technical Assistance to Operating Grants'.

  • ​Provided targeted assistance on legal issues to beneficiary organisations of the CSF-funded operating grants, including legal aid, strategic litigation, interaction with institutions, legislative/policy development on environment and Aarhus Convention.


Legal and Policy Consultant

Democracy for Development (D4D), Kosovo

  • Worked in a study concerning the review of the municipal acts by the supervisory authorities in Kosovo and provided concrete recommendations to further improve the review system.



Senior Legal Advisor for drafting the Civil Code in Kosovo (short-term expert)

  • Support to Civil Code and Property Rights (CCPR) An EU funded project implemented by a consortium led by GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, Prishtina (Kosovo)
  • ​Assisted the team for drafting the Civil Code in Kosovo with legal research, focusing on the General Part of the Civil Code and drafted concrete norms (articles) for the General Part of the Civil Code.​



Training Consultant (Aarhus Convention)

UNDP - Kosovo Judicial Academy, Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • ​provided institutional support to the KJA in preparing legal training programs for judges and prosecutors in the area of Kosovo Constitution, the Aarhus Convention and ECHR.
  • delivered trainings on the judicial application of the Aarhus Convention and ECHR in Kosovo for judges and prosecutors as part of the continuous legal education program.



Legal Advisor/Deputy Chief of Party

USAID Project implemented by Checchi and Consulting Company, Inc., Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • supported the Office of the President in Kosovo, the Ministry of Justice, the Kosovo Judicial Institute and the Kosovo Judicial Council in the area of the rule of law and the justice-sector reforms, including but not limited to drafting regulations and administrative instructions, strengthening the institutional capacities through legal training.



Legal advisor for environmental matters

Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA), Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Provided technical assistance for the drafting of the internal regulations of the Agency.
  • Ensured harmonization of the Kosovo legal framework on environmental matters with EU Acquis, European standards and international best practices​, including Aarhus Convention.



Legal Expert on Environmental Law

RENA - Regional Environmental Network for Accession Project/Human Dynamics., Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Completing and updating the Tables of Concordance (ToCs) and Implementation Questionnaires (IQs);
  • Ensured harmonization of the Kosovo legal framework on environmental matters with EU Acquis, European standards and international best practices;
  • Training Ministry staff in Progress Monitoring and new EU legislation, in collaboration with Project Team;
  • Preparing the Country Progress Report on approximation of the national legislation with EU Acquis.​



Legal Advisor

Ministry of Public Administration/Government of Kosovo., Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Provided legal and policy advice on the process of public administration reforms
  • Participated in the drafting of the Draft Law on Civil Service, Draft Law on Salaries of Civil Servants, and the Draft Law on State Administrative Organs
  • Provided expertise in the course of updating the Public Administration Reform Strategy​



Expert for the drafting of the Law on the Constitutional Court

Government of Kosovo, Prishtina (Kosovo)

Appointed as expert for the drafting of the Law on the Kosovo Constitutional Court​



Expert for the drafting of the Kosovo Constitution

Government of Kosovo, Prishtina (Kosovo)

Appointed as expert for the drafting of the Kosovo Constitution​



Legal officer

United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Review of primary and secondary economic legislation proposed by the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Kosovo and ensured compliance with EU/ECHR norms.



Head of Office for International Relations

Ministry of Trade and Industry/Government of Kosovo, Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Maintained relations with donor organizations, Liaison Offices in Kosovo involved in trade and industry and coordinated activities on behalf of the Ministry in the framework of regional initiatives (Free Trade Agreement Process)​.



Legal advisor

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning/Government of Kosovo, Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Provided legal advice/reviewed environmental legislation to ensure compliance with EU legislation on environment, including Aarhus Convention.



Legal advisor

Kosovo Law Centre, Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • designed training curricula in the area of the human rights, including the ECHR
  • delivered training in the area of human rights protection including the ECHR and its jurisprudence for law students, judges and other members of the legal community.



Legal Researcher/Assistant

OSCE in Kosovo, Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Monitored court trials in Kosovo to ensure their compliance with Art. 6 of the ECHR and its jurisprudence.
  • Drafted reports and legal opinions regarding the applicability of ECHR in the Kosovo legal system.




Doctor of Legal Sciences (Dr.Iur.)

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (Austria) - Faculty of Law., Linz (Austria)

  • Constitutional Law
  • ECHR Law
  • EU Law
  • International Law



Master of Legal Sciences

Faculty of Law of the University of Prishtina, Prishtina (Kosovo)

  • Constitutional Law
  • ECHR Law
  • Administrative Law ​



Law Degree (Graduated Lawyer)

Faculty of Law / Uni of Prishtina, Prishtina (Kosovo)



Certificate I The Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy

University of Oxford, Oxford (United Kingdom)

  • Article 10 ECHR and the standards of the Council of Europe/ECtHR.
  • International human rights standards on freedom of expression



Visiting Fellow

Faculty of Law of the University of Graz, (Austria)



Visiting Fellow

Faculty of Law of the University of Trento (Italy)




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  • Co-author of the “Green Pack” Brochure, Regional Environmental Center (REC) for Central and Eastern Europe Field Office Kosovo/a, January 2010.
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  • The American and the European Model of Constitutional Control: A Comparative Analysis, Law Review Quarterly (Faculty of Law of the University of Prishtina), Vol. 2 (2003), Prishtina.






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