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Morocco and Algeria joined the Venice Commission as full members.
71st Plenary Session of the Commission

Latest opinions and reports


The Venice Commission met on 1 and 2 June at the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice.This was its 71st session since it was set up in 1990.

The Commission adopted the following reports and opinions:


- the Report on the democratic control of security services in Council of Europe member States ;

- the Opinion on video surveillance by private operators in the public and private spheres and by public authorities in the private sphere;

- the Interim Opinion on the draft Constitution of Montenegro;
the Opinion on early elections in Ukraine
- the Joint Opinion of the Venice Commission and OSCE/ODIHR on the latest amendments to the Electoral Code of Armenia;  
the Opinion on the draft Law on the People's Advocate of Kosovo;

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 Constitutional co-operation
Evaluation of the Constitution - Finland (Helsinki/Turku)  07- 08/06/2007
parl Fin A delegation of the Venice Commission visited Finland on 7-8 June within the framework of the evaluation of the Finnish Constitution requested by the Government of Finland. They met representatives of the legislative, executive and judicial power as well as of the academic world.

 Elections and referendums

"The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" - Regional Meeting of Balkan Election Officials  
19 -20/06/2007
Skopje Skopje - The Venice Commission organised in co-operation with the State Election Commission, the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) and the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) a Regional Meeting of Balkan Election Officials.
International and domestic experts discussed the following: civic education for voters; political party financing regulations and enforcement, voters' list, civil registry and verification of addresses. 
Opinion on Judicial Councils  25 - 27/06/2007
Graz - The Venice Commission presented its Report on Judicial Appointments  to the working group of the Consultative Council which is currently preparing an opinion on judicial councils. It also participated in a conference organised by the Austrian Association of Judges on this topic.
 UniDem Campus
Training programme for civil servants from Eastern Europe  11 - 14/06/2007

Trieste - Civil servants from 13 countries attended a UniDem Campus seminar on "Legislative Evaluation". They concluded that a major challenge to the rule of law is inadequacy, inapplicability and/or non-application of the legislation. The seminar intended to raise the participants' awareness about the importance of legislative evaluation and shed light on the way in which this tool is applied in several Council of Europe member states. The seminar included a range of lectures and workshops delivered by highly qualified lecturers with practical knowledge of the subject. Participants also had the opportunity to share their experiences in a final session devoted to a presentation of their national situation.

 Other events
VIIth World Congress of Constitutional Law - Athens 
11- 15/06/2007
athènes The Venice Commission took part in the VIIth World Congress of Constitutional Law, on the theme "Rethinking the Boundaries of Constitutional Law"

 At this event,

 - Mr Ledi Bianku (member, Albania) made a contribution on the topic "Popular involvement in Constitution-making";

- Mr Peter Paczolay (member, Hungary), made a contribution on the topic "Electoral systems: striking a balance between legitimacy and political instability";

- Mr Jean-Claude Scholsem (substitute member, Belgium), made a contribution on the topic  "What constitutional developments are useful for resolving conflicts within a state? Lessons learned from the activities of the Venice Commission";

- Mr Gianni Buquicchio (Secretary of the Commission) presided the 1st plenary session, on "The Constitution between conflict and stability".

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