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New publication - "Venice Commission reference texts in the field of elections and political parties"


Council of Europe, Strasbourg – The Venice Commission has just published a new book containing its main reference texts in the field of elections and political parties in Russian language.

This publication represents a collection of the fundamental documents of the Venice Commission regarding the general conduct of elections and referenda, as well as the participation of political parties in elections. Each of the three sections of the book opens with the document where the main principles of the European electoral heritage are developed, in particular the “Code of good practice in electoral matters", the “Code of good practice on referendums” and the “Guidelines on political party regulation”. This is followed by a selection of general studies on such fundamental topics as the problematic issues of electoral law in Europe, the misuse of administrative resources during electoral processes, political parties participating in elections, the representation of national minorities in elected bodies and a comparative analysis of legal provisions in respect of elections and referenda in the European states.

This publication has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland within the framework of the project “Supporting constitutional justice, access to justice and electoral reform in the countries of Central Asia”.
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