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New publication - The Freedom of Peaceful Assembly in Europe


Max Plank Institute, Germany - The volume “The Freedom of Peaceful Assembly in Europe”, recently published by the Nomos publishing house, presents an overview of the current state of the legislation on the freedom of assembly in eleven selected member states of the Venice Commission: the UK, France, the US, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Tunisia.

This publication may serve as a reference for researchers or practitioners who seek specific information on the legal bases, restrictions, or implementation of the freedom of assembly in a specific country or on more recent themes such as the legal implications of flashmobs or occupy movements which squat on public space over days or weeks. It is also a helpful starting point for anyone interested in comparing the state of assembly legislation in Europe and beyond.

This comparative study on freedom of peaceful assembly regulation facilitated the revision of the joint guidelines on the same subject done by the Venice Commission and the OSCE/ODIHR in 2014. This study was endorsed by the Commission in June 2014. One of the chief editors is Prof. Dr. Anne Peters LL.M. (Harvard), Managing Director of the Max Plank institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, former substitute member of the Venice Commission in respect of Germany.

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