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Ukraine - Electoral training dedicated to election dispute resolution

28/11/2017 - 29/11/2017

Seminar for national administrative judges on “Election Dispute Resolution: international standards, the ECHR case law and national court practice in Ukraine” took place in Kyiv, Ukraine on 28 November 2017.

The main aim of the seminar was to discuss problems which national judges face during consideration of election disputes, in particular, considering the latest experience during electoral process related to 29 October local elections in newly amalgamated communities; to conduct a brainstorming on the issues which should be covered by the future permanent training course for judges.

Approximately 40 judges from different regions of Ukraine representing all regional administrative courts of appeal participated in the seminar.
The seminar was followed by a meeting of the Group of Experts established and formed by and under the National School of Judges of Ukraine to develop a permanent training course for judges on “Electoral law and election dispute resolution”. This meeting took place on 29 November 2017.

Both events were initiated and organised by the National School of Judges of Ukraine in partnership with the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine.

The organisation of the events is supported by the Council of Europe/European Union Partnership for Good Governance project and by the Council of Europe projects on “Assistance to the Ukrainian authorities in reforming electoral legislation and in conducting constitutional reform” and “Reform of the Electoral Practice in Ukraine”.

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