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GEORGIA - Technical webinar: preparation for elections security


The Venice Commission took part in a Technical webinar on “Preparation for elections security”, in the framework of the CyberEast project on cybercrime and electronic evidence in the Eastern Partnership countries, managed by the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe (Bucharest).

The purpose of the webinar for the Georgian authorities was to bring together all relevant national stakeholders, and to focus on awareness raising, inter-institutional coordination, information sharing, best practices, previous experiences, and lessons learnt in terms ensuring cyber-security of elections.

The webinar focused on the following aspects of elections security:

- Identifying critical infrastructures/systems/potential “weak links” for elections security and ensuring resilience against cyber-attacks;
- Tackling social engineering, fake news and online disinformation campaigns, especially from foreign actors;
- Coordination and joint response needs and responsibilities.
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