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Towards the reinforcement of the legal framework relating to the electoral constituencies in Tunisia (on line)


Tunis - In the framework of the Project to Support Independent Bodies in Tunisia (PAII-T), a joint programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe (2019-2021), the Venice Commission and the Independent Superior Electoral Authority (ISIE) organised an online workshop on the issue of electoral constituencies in Tunisia*. This term refers to the division of a territory into electoral districts, intended to promote the expression of citizens through voting. The division must be reviewed regularly in order to take into account the evolution of the population and to maintain a comparable number of voters per representative in all constituencies. The choice of this theme follows the recommendations of the 2019 electoral observation missions to Tunisia, which suggest, among other things, that the delimitation of electoral districts be updated.

This workshop was attended by international and national experts, representatives of the ISIE, the Venice Commission, the Council of Europe and the European Union and other technical and financial partners. It provided an opportunity to reflect on the electoral division and to present international standards and good practices in this area. Some fundamental notions were discussed, such as the principle of equality of electoral strength, which implies a periodic re-evaluation of the number of seats allocated to constituencies with clear and predetermined criteria. The weight of the votes of Tunisians abroad was also discussed. In this context, the experience of the ISIE during the last elections of 2019 was discussed. The body shared the difficulties encountered as well as the challenges raised, with a view to improving the legal framework relating to the electoral constituencies.

*Currently in Tunisia, the election of members of the Assembly of People's Representatives (ARP) is carried out from 33 electoral districts. Of the 217 seats to be filled, 199 seats are reserved for the 27 electoral constituencies on the national territory, while the other 18 seats are reserved for the 6 electoral constituencies located abroad.




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