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1103/2022 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Amicus curiae brief on the question of the appellate review in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1102/2022 - Türkiye - Urgent joint opinion on the draft amendments to the Turkish Penal Code regarding the provision on “misleading information"
1101/2022 - Armenia - Urgent Opinion on amendments to the judicial Code
Armenia, Ministry of justice
1100/2022 - Republic of Moldova - Joint Opinion on the Draft law on the Supreme Court of Justice
Ministry of Justice, Republic of Moldova
1097/2022 - Republic of Moldova – amicus curiae Brief on the clarity of provisions on combating extremist activity
Republic of Moldova, Constitutional Court, President
1096/2022 - Republic of Moldova – Joint amicus curiae Brief relating to the offence of illicit enrichment
Republic of Moldova, Constitutional Court, President
1091/2022 - Ukraine - Amicus curiae brief on certain questions related to the election and discipline of the members of the High Council of Justice of Ukraine
Ukraine, Constitutional Court
1089/2022 - Recent challenges to security in Europe: what role for the Council of Europe? Reply to Recommendation 2235 (2022) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers
1088/2022 - Serbia - Opinion on the legislation implementing the constitutional amendments on the judiciary
Maja Popovic, Minister of Justice, Serbia
1087/2022 - Mexico - Opinion on the draft constitutional amendments concerning the electoral system of Mexico
Mexico, National Electoral Institute, INE
1072/2021 - Russian Federation - Opinion on amendments to the Federal Law on "the Bar and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation"
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee, Chair
1071/2021 - Serbia - Opinion on the constitutional and legal framework governing the functioning of democratic institutions in Serbia
Council of Europe, Monitoring Committee, Chair
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, President
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee
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