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1086/2022 - Republic of Moldova - Opinion on the draft amendments to the Law no 3/2016 on the Prosecutor's office
Republic of Moldova, Minister of Justice
1081/2022 - Mongolia - Joint Opinion on the Draft law on Political Parties
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee, Chair
Council of Europe, PACE, Monitoring Committee, Chair
1076/2022 - Tunisia - Opinion on the draft Code on national property, law on confiscation of assets, establishment of an Agency in charge of the confiscation and management of confiscated assets
Tunisie, Ministre, Domaines de l’Etat et des affaires foncières,
1072/2021 - Russian Federation - Opinion on amendments to the Federal Law on "the Bar and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation"
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee, Chair
1071/2021 - Serbia - Opinion on the constitutional and legal framework governing the functioning of democratic institutions in Serbia, taking into account its earlier opinion adopted on 15-16 October 2021 on the draft Constitutional Amendments on the Judiciary and draft Constitutional Law for the Implementation of the Constitutional Amendments
Council of Europe, Monitoring Committee, Chair
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee
Venice Commission
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