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CDL-PL-PV(2022)001syn  English  12.05.2022 -  Public
130th Plenary Sesson (Venice and online, 18-19 March 2022) - Synopsis 
CDL-PL-PV(2022)001syn  French  12.05.2022 -  Public
130ème Session plénière (Venise et en ligne, 18-19 mars 2022) - carnet de bord 
CDL-PI(2022)027  English  10.05.2022 -  Public
Compilation of Venice Commission Opinions and Reports Concerning Referendum 
CDL-PI(2022)022  English  06.05.2022 -  Public
Compilation of Venice Commission opinions concerning the Ombudsman Institution 
CDL-REF(2022)017  English  04.05.2022 -  Public
Republic of Moldova - Draft Law on amending some normative acts (Judiciary) 
CDL-PI(2022)023  English  26.04.2022 -  Public
Compilation of Venice Commission opinions and reports concerning prosecutors 
CDL-REF(2022)016  English  25.04.2022 -  Public
Turkey - Law on parliamentary elections (N° 2839) before and after law N° 7393 
CDL-REF(2022)014  English  21.04.2022 -  Public
Lebanon - Draft Law amending legislative decree n° 150/1983 on the organisation of the judiciary  (M. FRENDO, B. MATHIEU, N. BERNOUSSI)
CDL-REF(2022)014  French  21.04.2022 -  Public
Liban - Projet de loi modifiant le decret-loi n° 150/1983 sur l’organisation de la justice  (M. FRENDO, B. MATHIEU, N. BERNOUSSI)
CDL-REF(2022)011  English  07.04.2022 -  Public
Azerbaijan - Law on Media 
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