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CDL-PI(2024)008  English  21/05/2024 -  Public
Montenegro – Urgent Opinion on the draft law on the prevention of corruption 
CDL-REF(2024)021  English  13/05/2024 -  Public
Georgia - Draft Law of Georgia on Transparency of Foreign Influence  
CDL-REF(2024)010  English  07/05/2024 -  Public
Armenia - Draft Law on National Minorites  
CDL-REF(2024)013rev  English  07/05/2024 -  Public
Montenegro - Revised draft law on the prevention of corruption 
CDL-REF(2024)027  English  07/05/2024 -  Public
Armenia - Explanatory Report on the Draft Law on National Minorites 
CDL-REF(2024)019  English  03/05/2024 -  Public
Republic of Moldova - Draft law on the partial implementation of the postal vote 
CDL-REF(2024)011  English  15/04/2024 -  Public
Montenegro - Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on the State Prosecution Service 
CDL-REF(2024)013  English  10/04/2024 -  Public
Montenegro - Draft law on the prevention of corruption 
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