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Positions at the Venice Commission 


The Bureau of the Venice Commission is composed of the President, the three Vice-Presidents and four other members of the Bureau. The President directs the work of the Commission. Outside Plenary sessions, he or she shall take decisions on behalf of the Commission, where appropriate in consultation with the Bureau. The Bureau typically decides whether to accept requests for opinions under the urgent procedure.


The Commission also has a Special Representative and three Honorary Presidents:


The Bureau may also meet as an Enlarged Bureau, together with the Chairs of the Sub-Commissions. Such meetings usually take place before a plenary session.


Enlarged Bureau
1. Members of the Bureau;
2. Chairs of the Sub Commissions :
  • FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS - J. Velaers (Belgium)
  • FEDERAL AND REGIONAL STATE -  P. Vilanova Trias (Andorra)
  • INTERNATIONAL LAW - I. Cameron (Sweden)
  • JUDICIARY - R. Barrett (Ireland)
  • DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS - N. Alivizatos (Greece)
  • WORKING METHODS - W. Newman (Canada)
  • LATIN AMERICA - J-L. Vargas Valdez (Mexico) 
  • MEDITERRANEAN BASIN - Gh. Jeribi (Tunisia)
  • RULE OF LAW - V. Bílková (Czech Republic)
  • OMBUDSMAN INSTITUTIONS - I. I. Rogov (Kazakhstan)
  • CONSTITUTIONAL JUSTICE Z. Knežević (Bosnia and Herzegovina)​[i]
  • SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL - B. Mathieu (Monaco)
  • COUNCIL FOR DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS  - S. Darmanović (Monténégro)

Sub Commissions :
  • FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS : Chair - J. Velaers (Belgium); Vice-Chair: V. Petrov (Serbia)
  • FEDERAL STATE AND REGIONAL STATE: Chair - P. Vilanova Trias (Andorra); Vice-Chair - N.N.
  • INTERNATIONAL LAW: Chair - I. Cameron (Sweden), Vice-Chair - N.N. 
  • PROTECTION OF NATIONAL MINORITIES: Chair - Q. Qerimi (Kosovo); Vice-Chair – Mr A. Lavinš (Latvia)
  • JUDICIARY: Chair - R. Barrett (Ireland); Vice-Chair – A. Gaspar (Portugal)
  • DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS: Chair – N. Alivizatos (Greece); Vice-Chair - D. Meridor (Israel)
  • WORKING METHODS: Chair – W. Newman (Canada); Vice-Chair - N.N.
  • LATIN AMERICA: Chair – J-L. Vargas Valdez (Mexico); Vice-Chair – N.N.
  • MEDITERRANEAN BASIN: Chair – Gh. Jeribi (Tunisia); Vice-Chair – N.N.
  • RULE OF LAW: Chair - V. Bílková (Czech Republic); Vice-Chair – J. Omejec (Croatia)
  • GENDER EQUALITY: Chair - T. Otty (UK); Vice-Chair – N. Bernoussi (Morocco)
  • OMBUDSMAN INSTITUTIONS: Chair - I. I. Rogov (Kazakhstan); Vice-Chair - N.N.
  • CONSTITUTIONAL JUSTICE:  Chair - Z. Knežević (BiH)​[i]; Vice-Chair - A. Varga (Hungary) 

  • SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL : Chair - B. Mathieu (Monaco); Vice-Chair -  P. Bussjäger (Liechtenstein)
  • Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Commission;
  • Chairs of the Sub-Commissions;
  • Members or substitute members who direct Research Centres on constitutional, international or human rights law 
  •  JOINT COUNCIL ON CONSTITUTIONAL JUSTICE: 1st Co-President - Z. Knezević (Bosnia and Herzegovina); 2nd Co-President - V. Georgiev (liaison officer, Constitutional Court, Bulgaria) [ii];
    • Members of the Sub-Commission on Constitutional Justice;
    • 103 liaison officers from 72 Constitutional Courts or Courts with equivalent jurisdiction.


        - on behalf of the Venice Commission:
  • Srdjan DARMANOVIĆ - Vice-Chair
  • Richard BARRETT  

Substitute Members

  • Eirik HOLMØYVIK 
  • Oliver KASK 
  • Katharina PABEL
- on behalf of the Parliamentary Assembly:


  • Michael Georg LINK, Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy - Vice-Chair
  • Davor Ivo STIER, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
  • María Valentina MARTINEZ FERRO, Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe 

Substitute Members

  • Aleksander POCIEJ, Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy 
  • Khatia DEKANOIDZE, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
  • Laura CASTEL, Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe 

- on behalf of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (Congress):


  • Stewart DICKSON, Chamber of regions - Chair 
  • Gunn Marit HELGESEN, Chamber of regions

Substitute Members

  • Randi MONDORF, Chamber of Regions
  • Vladimir PREBILIC, Chamber of Local Authorities
 [i] The Chair of the Sub-Commission on Constitutional Justice acts as Co-President of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice. The other co-chair is elected by the liaison officers of the courts.
 [ii] This co-chair is a liaison officer elected by his/her peers.


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