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 Offices of the Venice Commission (as of 7.12.2019)


President of the Commission - Mr G. Buquicchio (Italy);

Honorary Presidents - Ms H. Suchocka (Poland), Mr P. Paczolay (Hungary)

Vice - PresidentsMs C. Bazy-Malaurie (France), Mr P. Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Ms R. Kiener (Switzerland)


Enlarged Bureau
1. Members of the Bureau;
2. Chairs of the Sub Commissions :
  • Scientific Council - Mr J. Helgesen (Norway)
  • Fundamental Rights - Mr B. Vermeulen (Netherlands) ;
  • Federal and Regional State -  Mr J. Castella Andreu (Spain);
  • International Law - Mr I. Cameron (Sweden);
  • Protection of National Minorities - Mr J. Velaers (Belgium);
  • Judiciary - Mr R. Barrett (Ireland);
  • Democratic Institutions - Mr K. Tuori (Finland) ;
  • Working methods - Mr B. Mathieu (Monaco);
  • Latin America - N.N.; 
  • Mediterranean Basin - Mr G. Jeribi (Tunisia);
  • Rule of law - Mr S. Holovaty (Ukraine);
  • Gender equality - L. Err (Luxembourg); 
  • Constitutional Justice: Chair - Mr N. Alivizatos (Greece)[i];
  • Council for Democratic Elections: President - Mr O. Kask (Estonia).
Sub Commissions :
  • Fundamental Rights: Chair - Mr B. Vermeulen (Netherlands) ; Vice-Chair -  Ms J. Omejec (Croatia); 
  • Federal State and Regional State: Chair - Mr J. Castella Andreu (Spain); Vice-Chair - P. Carozza (United States of America) ;
  • International Law: Chair - Mr I. Cameron (Sweden); Vice-Chair - Mr F. Maiani ( San Marino) 
  • Protection of National Minorities: Chair - Mr J. Velaers (Belgium); Vice-Chair - Mr W. Newman (Canada) ;
  • Judiciary: Chair - Mr R. Barrett (Ireland); Vice-Chair - Mr Z. M. Knežević (Bosnia and Herzegovina);
  • Democratic Institutions: Chair - Mr K. Tuori (Finland) ; Vice-Chair - Mr D. Meridor (Israel);
  • Working methods: Chair - Mr B. Mathieu (Monaco); Vice-Chair -  Mr T. Otty (UK);
  • Latin America: Chair - N.N. Vice-Chair - N.N.
  • Mediterranean Basin: Chair - Mr G. Jeribi (Tunisia); Vice-Chair - Mr K. Feniche (Algeria);
  • Rule of law: Chair - Mr S. Holovaty (Ukraine); Vice-Chair - Mr Q. Qerimi (Kosovo);
  • Gender Equality: Chair - L. Err (Luxembourg); Vice-Chair - M. Nicolatos (Cyprus)
  • Constitutional Justice: Chair - Mr N. Alivizatos (Greece)​[i]; Vice-Chair - Mr A. Varga (Hungary) .  
 Joint Council on Constitutional Justice:
  • Co-President - Mr N. Alivizatos (Greece); 
    Members of the Sub-Commission on Constitutional Justice;

  • Co-President - Ms M. Stresec  (liaison officer, Constitutional Court, Croatia)[ii];
    103 liaison officers from 72 Constitutional Courts or Courts with equivalent jurisdiction.


Scientific Council :
  • Chair: Mr J. Helgesen (Norway);
  • Vice-Chair:  Y. Atar (Turkey)
  • Members:
    • President and Vice-Presidents of the Commission;
    • Chairs of the Sub-Commissions;
    • Members or substitute members who direct Research Centres on constitutional, international or human rights law  
Council for Democratic Elections (CDE):

        - on behalf of the Venice Commission:
Mr Oliver KASK (Estonia) - President

Mr Srdjan DARMANOVIC (Montenegro)
Mr Ben VERMEULEN (Netherlands)
Substitute Members
Mr Richard BARRETT (Ireland)
Mr Eirik HOLM
øYVIK (Norway) 
Ms Katharina PABEL (Austria)
Mr Pere VILANOVA TRIAS (Andorra)
- on behalf of the Parliamentary Assembly:


  • Mr Antonio GUTIERREZ, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
  • Mrs María Valentina MARTINEZ FERRO, Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy
  • Mr Aleksander POCIEJ,  Monitoring Committee


Substitute Members

  • Mr Givi MIKANADZE, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
  • Mr Piero FASSINO, Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy 
  • Mr Calude KERN, Monitoring Committee

- on behalf of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (Congress):


  • Mr Stewart DICKSON, Chamber of regions Vice-President
  • Ms Gunn Marit HELGESEN, Chamber of regions

Substitute Members

  • Ms Randi MONDORF, Chamber of Regions
  • Mr Vladimir PREBILIC, Chamber of Local Authorities
 [i] The Chair of the Sub-Commission on Constitutional Justice acts as Co-President of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice. The other co-chair is elected by the liaison officers of the courts.
 [ii] This co-chair is a liaison officer elected by his/her peers.


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