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Kaarlo Heikki Tuori




  • Candidate of Law 1970, Licentiate of Law 1973, Doctor of Law 1983 at Helsinki University.


  • Asso­ciate professor of Financial Law at Helsinki University 1984-1986, research professor at the Academy of Finland 1986-1992, professor of Administrative Law at Helsinki University 1992-2003, professor of Jurisprudence at Helsinki University 2003-2015. Director of the Centre of Excellence Foundations of European Law and Polity 2008-2013; Academy Professor 2010-2015.
  • Expert at the Constitutional Law Committee of the Parliament; member of several governmental committees for drafting constitutional amendments and reforms, including the committee which drafted the new constitution of 2000; extraordinary member of Supreme Administrative Court 1995. 
  • Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence 1995-1996, Fernand Braudel Fellow 2009 and 2012.
  • Executive Committee of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy 1995-2003.
  • Member of the Venice Commission (European Commission for Democracy through Law) 1998-; four terms as Vice-President.
  • Honorary Degrees at Lund University 2001, Copenhagen University 2006 and Turku University 2009.


Selected publications

  • Critical Legal Positivism (Ashgate 2002);
  • The Many Constitutions of Europe (ed. with Suvi Sankari, Ashgate 2010);
  • Ratio and Voluntas (Ashgate 2011);
  • Eurozone Crisis: A Constitutional Analysis (with Klaus Tuori, CUP 2014);
  • Transnational Law (ed. with Miguel Maduro and Suvi Sankari); CUP 2014);
  • European Constitutionalism (CUP 2015); Properties of law (CUP 2021)
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