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1050/2021 - Hungary - Opinion on the amendments to the Act on the Organisation and Administration of Courts and the Act on the Legal Status and Remuneration of Judges adopted by the Hungarian Parliament in December 2020
1049/2021 - Albania - Amicus Curiae Brief on the constitutionality of the local elections held on 30 June 2019
Albania - President of the Constitutional Court
1048/2021 - Slovakia - Opinion on two questions regarding the organisation of the legal profession in the Slovak Republic and the role of the Supreme Administrative Court in the disciplinary proceedings against barristers
Slovakia - Minister of Justice
1047/2021 - Serbia - Opinion on constitutional amendments
1046/2021 - Ukraine - Opinion on the draft law “On the principles of state policy of the transition period”
Oleksii REZNIKOV, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine
1045/2021 - Study - Ratification and withdrawal from Council of Europe conventions
President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
1044/2021 - United Kindgom - Opinion on the proposed exclusion of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman from “safe space” investigations in the National Health Service
United Kingdom, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
1040/2021 - Hungary - Opinion on amendments to electoral legislation
Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly
1038/2021 - Armenia - Opinion on the legislation related to independence of the Ombudsman staff vis-à-vis International standards on national human rights institutions
Armenia, Office of the Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman)
1037/2021 - North Macedonia - Draft law on gender equality
North Macedonia, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
1031/2021 - Netherlands – Opinion on the legal protection of citizens, in particular under administrative law (including scope, legal protection, test of reasonableness and the role of the Council of State) and the system of checks and balances in theory and practice, including the Houses of the States General and the judiciary.
Netherlands, States-General, House of Representatives, Speaker
1027/2021 - Serbia - Opinion on constitutional and legal framework governing the functioning of democratic institutions
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee
1009/2020 - Study - Fostering Healthy Democracy in Europe
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Committee of Political Affairs and Democracy
Venice Commission
869/2016 - Study on Gender Equality in Constitutions
Venice Commission
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