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1040/2021 - Hungary - Opinion on amendments to electoral legislation
Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly
1038/2021 - Armenia - Opinion on the legislation related to independence of the Ombudsman staff vis-à-vis International standards on national human rights institutions
Armenia, Office of the Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman)
1037/2021 - North Macedonia - Draft law on gender equality
North Macedonia, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
1036/2021 - Romania - Opinion on the draft Law for dismantling the Section for the Investigation of Offences committed within the Judiciary
Romania, Minister of Justice
1035/2021 - Hungary - Opinion on the legislative and constitutional package adopted by the Hungarian parliament in December 2020
Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee
1034/2021 - Malta - Opinion on draft amendments to the Interpretation Act
Malta, Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance
1033/2021 - Bulgaria- Opinion on the Law supplementing the Criminal Procedure Code
Bulgaria, National Assembly
1032/2021 - Ukraine - Urgent Joint opinion of the Venice Commission and the Directorate General of Human Rights and the Rule of Law of the Council of Europe (DGI) on the "draft Law amending provisions of the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding the liability of public officials for inaccurate asset declaration (reg. No. 4651, of 27 January 2021)”
Ukraine, Parliament, Speaker
1031/2021 - Netherlands – Opinion on the legal protection of citizens, in particular under administrative law (including scope, legal protection, test of reasonableness and the role of the Council of State) and the system of checks and balances in theory and practice, including the Houses of the States General and the judiciary.
Netherlands, States-General, House of Representatives, Speaker
1028/2021 - Turkey - Opinion on on the compatibility with international human rights standards of Law no. 7262 on the Prevention of Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction recently passed by Turkey’s National Assembly, amending, inter alia, the Law on Associations (No. 2860) and Law on Aid Collection (No. 5253)
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Commitee on Legal affairs and Human Rights
1027/2021 - Serbia - Constitutional and legal framework governing the functioning of democratic institutions
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee
1014/2020 - Russian Federation - Opinion on the Compatibility with international human rights standards of a series of Bills introduced to the Russian State Duma between 10 and 23 November 2020, to amend laws affecting so-called "foreign agents"
Council of Europe , Parliamentary Assembly, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
1009/2020 - Study - Fostering Healthy Democracy in Europe
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Committee of Political Affairs and Democracy
956/2019 - Tunisia - Opinion on the Draft amendments to the framework law on independant constitutional bodies
Tunisia, Minister of Relations with independent bodies and civil society
Venice Commission
869/2016 - Study on Gender Equality in Constitutions
Venice Commission
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