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Prevention of Corruption and Promotion of Integrity in the Civil Service: shared experiences

5th UnDem Med, 25-28 September 2017, Skhirat, Morocco


Organisers: Venice Commission in co-operation with the Ministry of the Reform of the Administration and the Civil Service

Participants: high-level civil servants of the MENA region


  • National and international legal and institutional standards and tools to combat the phenomenon of corruption and promote integrity in the civil service.
  • Anticorruption and fundamental principles of civil service (transparency, accountability, access to information, sound financial management and audit etc;) 
  • Anti-corruption programs and initiatives (protection of whistle blowers, multi-sectoral coordination etc.). Management of the human factor in relation to administrative dysfunctions and relations between the civil service and extra-institutional actors (economic interest groups, trade unions, civil society, etc.)
  • Institutional mechanisms to fight corruption



List of participants

Documents and presentations

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Performance, Merit and Equality in the Civil Service

4th UniDem Med, 27-30 March 2017, Tunis, Tunisia


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