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Documents by opinions and studies

932/2018 - Report on Separate Opinions of Constitutional Courts
925/2018 - Study - Social media in Elections
913/2018 - Study on election dispute resolution
910/2017 - Study - Recall of Mayors
869/2016 - Study on Gender Equality
845/2016 - Study on the Interaction Majority - Opposition in a democracy (update of the 2010 Study on the role of the Opposition in Democratic Parliament)
448/2007 - The reopening of Judicial Procedures following the finding of a breach of the right to a fair trial
447/2007 - European Union accession to the European Court of Human Rights
331/2005 - Constitutional Law and European Integration (New Members)
293/2004 - The Ad Hoc Inter-sectoral Group of Specialists on e-governance
152/2001 - Constitutional requirement of the judiciary control for administrative acts
148/2001 - Electoral authority
109/1999 - Opinion on the execution of decisions of the European court of Human Rights
85/1998 - Guidelines on Prohibition of Political Parties and Analogous Measures
11/1995 - Circle of the Charge of regional or minority languages
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