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President of the Venice Commission



• Graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies

• Law degree

• Language degree in Russian

• Former student of the National School of Administration (1978/1980)


Career :

• 2010/2022: Member of the Constitutional Council of France 

At the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs:

• 1972/1976: French Embassy in Moscow (USSR), commercial service

• 1976/1977: Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs, Department of External Economic Relations


At the Court of Financial Auditors:

• 1980 - 2010: Court of Financial Auditors (appointed auditor in 1980, practiced there until 1985, then again from 1990 to 1994 and finally from 1998 to 2010); appointed president of the chamber in 2006


Main functions in the administration:

• 1985/1990: Delegation for regional planning and regional action (DATAR) - responsible for financial and inter-ministerial affairs, then director

• 1994/1995: Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism - Director of Financial Affairs and General Administration

• 1995/1998: Ministry of Health and Social Affairs - Director of Hospitals


Other State responsibilities :

• 1999/2002: member of the Commission for the compensation of victims of spoliation resulting from anti-Semitic legislation in force during the Occupation

• 2000/2004: member of the National Committee for the Evaluation of Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Establishments (CNÉ)

• 2001/2008: Chair of the Board of Directors of the Regional Administration Institute (IRA) of Metz

• 2008/2010: Chair of the monitoring committee of the laws relating to the rights and responsibilities of universities



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