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Documents by opinions and studies

1135/2023 - Ukraine - Follow-up opinion on draft law no. 9322 of 25 May 2023 "On Amending Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Improving the Procedure for Selecting Candidate Judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on a Competitive Basis”
1134/2023 - Kyrgyzstan - Opinion on the Draft Law "On the Mass Media"
1133/2023 - Republic of Moldova - Follow-up opinion to the opinion on the draft Law on the external assessment of Judges and Prosecutors
1131/2023 - France - Joint opinion of the Venice Commission and the Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law (DGI) of the Council of Europe on the Superior Council of Magistracy and the status of the judiciary as regards nominations, mutations, promotions and disciplinary procedures
1130/2023 - France - Interim Opinion on Article 49.3 of the Constitution of France and the established practice, allowing the government to force passage of a bill without a vote unless the Parliament votes a motion of no-confidence
1116/2022 - Study on the key principles of democracy in European Union governance
1072/2021 - Russian Federation - Opinion on amendments to the Federal Law on "the Bar and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation"
1037/2021 - North Macedonia - Draft law on gender equality
1033/2021 - Bulgaria- Opinion on the Law supplementing the Criminal Procedure Code
1018/2021 - Montenegro - Opinion on the Draft law on changes and amendments to the law on freedom of religion or beliefs and legal status of religious communities
1009/2020 - Study - Fostering Healthy Democracy in Europe
956/2019 - Tunisia - Opinion on the Draft amendments to the framework law on independant constitutional bodies
869/2016 - Study on Gender Equality in Constitutions
799/2015 - Anti-discrimination legislation of Peru
760/2014 - Draft Law of Georgia on State Language
758/2014 - Georgia - Constitutional Reform
746/2013 - Organic law on the status of judges of Morocco
745/2013 - Organic Law on the High Judicial Council of Morocco
741/2013 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Constitutional Reform of the Federation
729/2013 - Law on the Bar and the profession of lawyer in the Republic of Belarus
718/2012 - test
708/2012 - Comparative study-laws on Freedom of Assembly
704/2012 - Law on Political Parties of Tunisia
703/2012 - Law on Freedom of Association of Tunisia
609/2010 - Reform of the electoral code
608/2010 - Jurisdictional competencies
589/2010 - Law on the Constitutional Court
579/2010 - Constitutional reform of Turkey
575/2010 - Law on media and conflict of interest
570/2010 - Implementation Sejdic & Finci decision
569/2010 - Constitional Reform of Moldova
567/2010 - Electoral Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina
554/2009 - Draft Law on a National Preventive Mechanism in Kyrgyzstan
527/2009 - Abkhazia-Ossetia
514/2009 - Constitutional Reform of Bosnia and Herzegovina
499/2008 - Agreement on transfer of powers in Bosnia-Herzegovina