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CDL-REF(2021)023  English  02/03/2021 -  Public
Georgia - Law of Georgia on Electronic Communications - Excerpts 
CDL-REF(2021)017  English  23/02/2021 -  Public
Kyrgyzstan - Draft law on the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic 
CDL-PI(2021)002  English  12/02/2021 -  Public
Compilation of Venice Commission opinions and report concerning Gender Equality 
CDL-REF(2021)015  English  09/02/2021 -  Public
Ukraine - Draft law no. 4533 on the Constitutional Procedure  
CDL-REF(2021)013  English  05/02/2021 -  Public
Republic of Moldova - Draft Law for amending some normative acts 
CDL-REF(2021)010  French  04/02/2021 -  Public
Fédération de Russie - Constitution 
CDL-REF(2021)010  English  04/02/2021 -  Public
Russian Federation - Constitution 
CDL-REF(2021)011  English  03/02/2021 -  Public
Spain – Citizens’ Security Law (organic law no. 4/2015) 
CDL-REF(2021)012  English  03/02/2021 -  Public
Spain – judgment of the Constitutional Court of Spain of 19 November 2020  
CDL-REF(2021)005  English  22/01/2021 -  Public
Ukraine - Draft law on political parties  
CDL-REF(2021)006  English  22/01/2021 -  Public
Ukraine - Law of Ukraine on Political Parties in Ukraine  
CDL-REF(2021)008  English  15/01/2021 -  Public
Georgia - Organic Law of Georgia on Political Associations of Citizens 
CDL-REF(2021)009  English  15/01/2021 -  Public
Georgia - Organic Law of Georgia, Election Code of Georgia 
CDL-REF(2021)007  English  14/01/2021 -  Public
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Law on the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council  
CDL-REF(2021)004  English  14/01/2021 -  Public
Belarus - Elected articles from the Code of Administrative infringements, the law on public events and the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus   (H. KJERULF THORGEIRSDOTTIR, C. BAZY MALAURIE, M. KUIJER)
CDL-REF(2021)002  English  13/01/2021 -  Public
Georgia - Organic law amending the Election Code, Draft new Article 79.1 
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