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Iain Thorburn Cameron



Nationality: Swedish/British             Date of birth: 9.9.59

Selected academic experience

Lecturer in Law, University of Hull, England 1982-1989

Doctor in Law, Uppsala University, 1991.

Senior Lecturer in Law, Uppsala University, July 1992 -May 2000

Professor in International Law, Uppsala University, May 2000-

Selected other experience

Assistant to Judge Palm, Arbitration Commission, EC Conference on Yugoslavia, (Badinter Commission) 1993

Expert investigator appointed by Swedish Foreign Ministry to report on sanctions (Targeted Sanctions and Legal Safeguards, October 2002)

Expert investigator appointed by the Council of Europe to report on sanctions (the ECHR, Due Process and UN Security Council Counter-terrorism Sanctions, 6 February 2006)

Expert investigator appointed by the European Parliament to report on sanctions (Respecting Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and EU/US Sanctions: State of Play, Policy Department, External Policies, October 2008)

Member of the Advisory Board to the Swedish Prosecutor-General 2010-2015

Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (class 9) 2014-

Member of the Ethics Advisory Board to the Swedish Police 2015-


Selected books published

1. The Protective Principle of International Criminal Jurisdiction (Dartmouth, Aldershot, 1993) 400 pages

2. An Introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights, 7 editions (Iustus, Uppsala, 2014) 200 pages

3. National Security and the European Convention on Human Rights (Iustus, Uppsala/Kluwer, Dordrecht, 2000), 498 pages

4. International Criminal Law from Swedish Perspective (Intersentia, Brussels, 2011), 276 pages (editor, and author of three chapters)

5. EU Sanctions: Law and Policy Issues Concerning Restrictive Measures, (Intersentia, Brussels, 2013), 266 pages (editor and author of the introductory chapter)

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