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Paloma Biglino Campos


Paloma Biglino Campos is professor of Constitutional Law at Valladolid University. She is member of the European Commission for Democracy thorough Law (Venice Commission, Council of Europe) and of the Council for Democratic Elections. In Spain, she is member of the Central Electoral Commission (Junta Electoral Central). She has been director of the Centre of Political and Constitutional Studies (Centro de Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales) and member of the Spanish Council of State.


Previously she was dean of the School of Law and director of the Institute of European Studies at Valladolid University. She is the author or director of 15 monographs and more than 90 articles in collective works and scientific journals. She is an expert in federalism, legislative and electoral proceedings. She has analysed in deep election law, a subject on which she has coordinated collective works such as Expectativas democráticas y elecciones” (Madrid, 2008) and “La resolución de los conflictos electorales: un análisis comparado” (Madrid, 2010). She participated in the First and Second Latin-American Conferences on Electoral Justice. On the subjects of women’s participation in politics and electoral process control, she has lectured in Spanish Universities and worked with the educational programmes run by the Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency in Latin America at training centres in Cartagena de Indias, (Colombia), and La Antigua, (Guatemala).

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