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Personal Information
Date of Birth:        December 26, 1959
1992-1993           University of Michigan, Law School
1983-1984           Judicial Research and Training Institute
                               Required 2-year program for lawyers
1978-1982           Seoul National University, College of Law
Present Position
Justice, Constitutional Court of Korea
Other Positions Held
2011-2012            Presiding Judge, Seoul High Court
2009-2011            Chief of Planning and Coordination Office, National Court Administration
2007-2009           Chief of Judicial Policy Office, National Court Administration
2006-2007           Presiding Judge, Daejeon High Court
2004-2006           Director General for Registration Bureau, National Court Administration
2003-2004           Presiding Judge, Seoul Western District Court
2001-2003           Research Judge, Supreme Court of Korea
1999-2001           Director General for Judicial Policy, National Court Administration
1997-1999           Judge, Seoul High Court
1994-1997           Director of Judicial Policy, National Court Administration
1991-1994           Judge, Seoul Eastern District Court
1989-1991           Judge, Jinju District Court
1985-1989           Judge, Seoul Central District Court
Professional Experience
2007-2008           Member, Legal Education Committee, Ministry of Education, Korea
2003-2004           Expert Advisor, Judicial Reform Committee, Supreme Court of Korea
1999-2000           Expert Advisor, Presidential Commission for Judicial Reform, Korea
1997-1998           Guest Scholar, National Center for State Courts, USA
Comments on General Provisions of the Civil Code, with Kim Yong-dam et. al. (Seoul, Korea: 2010)
              Comments on the Criminal Code, with Park Jae-Yun et. al. (Seoul, Korea: 2006)
Selected Journal Articles:
“New Criminal Hearing Procedure and Examination of Evidence”, Human Rights and Justice (Korean Bar Association) 390 (February, 2009), 260-271
                “The Legal Structure of Syndicated Loan”, Problems on Civil Trial 11 (December, 2002), 385-415
“Revoking of Fraudulent Act and Indemnification”, Commentary on the Supreme Court Decision (Supreme Court of Korea) 38 (June, 2002), 174-184
                “Constitutional Complaints”, Trial Reference (Supreme Court of Korea) 92 (November, 2001), 493-614
“Reform of Criminal Justice by the Presidential Commission for Judicial Reform”, Problems on Criminal Trial 3 (November, 2000),
“Discovery Process in the U.S. Civil Procedure”, Problems on Civil Trial 8 (October, 1994),
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