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Domingo Hernández Emparanza


  • Lawyer graduated from the University of Chile and Doctor in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Among his various academic activities, the following are the most noteworthy: Professor of Administrative and Political Law in Law Schools of Talca and Diego Portales Universities.
  • He gave lessons as Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Chile, from 1968 to 1985, as Professor of Political Law at Central, Las Condes, Sek International and Santo Tomás Universities.
  • Former Dean of Law Schools of Central, Las Condes (today University of Development) and Santo Tomás Universities.
  • Professor of Master’s Degree courses in Public Law of Diego Portales and Talca Universities.
  • Professor at the Judicial Academy and Institute of Judicial Studies.
  • Deputy Director of the “Gaceta Jurídica[1]” (since its foundation).
  • Deputy Director of the Magazine “Estudios Constitucionales[2]” of the Center of Constitutional Studies of Talca University.
  • He served as external legal advisor at the Health Undersecretary’s Office and the National Health Fund, as well as advisor in different institutions of public administration.
  • He served as Attorney Member of the Court of Appeal of Santiago, from 1998 to March 2005.
  • Attorney Member of the Supreme Court from March 2006 to February 2009 and subsequently from March 2009 to February 2012.
  • Former substitute member of Regional Electoral Courts of Santiago (Periods: 2000-2007).
  • Author of different monographs and articles in his area of expertise.
  • Author of the books “Derecho Registral Inmobiliario[3]” and “Estatuto Jurídico de la Regionalización[4]”.
  • Vice-President of the Chilean Institute of Administrative Law (2003 until today).


On 28 May 2012, he was appointed by the Supreme Court as Judge of the Constitutional Court for a 9-year period, assuming office on 13 June 2012.


[1] Legal journal

[2] Constitutional studies

[3] Registration and Real Property Law

[4] Legal Status of Regionalization

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