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Since June 2014, Magistrate of Peru’s Constitutional Court.

Since 2000, law professor at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), where he was Dean of its Law School (2010-14), Director of the Area of Law & Economics at its Graduate School (2006-09); and, Director of Graduate & Extension Programs at its Law School (2000-05).

Previously, he was Director of the Law & Social Sciences Department at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (1996-99); Researcher Professor at Universidad del Pacífico (1991-95); and, Executive Editor of the journal Debate of Apoyo S.A. (1986-89).

Author of the books Democracia sin populismo (2014), Libertad económica y régimen político (2010), La Constitución incompleta (1999), Walter Piazza en el MEF (1995), and Aproximaciones (1985); and, of more than four hundred articles and columns that have appeared in different periodicals.  He received the First Prize in the Peruvian National Press 1984 Contest.

He has lectured in four continents, including The Philadelphia Society (San Antonio, Texas, 2008); LASA (Montreal, Canada, 2007); Yale Law School’s SELA (Oaxaca and Mexico City, México, 2004, 2012); Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Berlin, Germany, 2003); Tunisian Academy (Carthage, Tunisia, 2001); the Executive Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan, 2000); and, Casa de América (Madrid, Spain, 1999).  Also, he has been interviewed for both Peruvian and international newspapers, radio and TV, including Canal N, RPP, CNN, BBC, The Voice of America, among others.

Member of The Mont-Pelerin Society, The Philadelphia Society, Latin American and Caribbean Law and Economics Association, and Yale Law School’s SELA.  Since 1997, he is included in the Marquis’ Who’s Who in The World as “law and political science educator”.

J.D., Universidad Católica Santa María, Arequipa (1985); M.A. in Political Science, The American University, Washington D.C. (1990); and, Ph.D. in Economics, ESEADE, Buenos Aires (2009).

Born in Arequipa, Peru, in 1963.  Since 1992, he is married with Educational Psychologist Sandra Bisso, with whom he has three children: Sebastian, Joaquín, and Ignacio.

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