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MANOLE  Domnica             



  • Since 10/11/ 2023    President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova
  • 2019 – present       Judge at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova;
  • 2020 – 2023          President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova;
  • 2020 – 2023          President of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts
  • 2021 – present       Member of the Venice Commission
  • 2014 – 2016            Lecturer at the Law Faculty, the master's program of the State University of Moldova, the course "Involvement of the court in the execution of final court decisions";
  • 2013 – 2016            Vice President of the Disciplinary Panel of Judges of the Republic of Moldova;
  • 2012 – 2016            Trainer for the Council of Europe:
    • within the program "National mechanisms for the application of art. 6 of the European Convention in civil matters, art. 1 Protocol 1 of the ECHR";
    • in the cascade seminars "Support to a coherent national implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Republic of Moldova ";
  • 2011 – 2014         Vice-President of the Pillar I of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy of the Republic of Moldova;
  • 2011 – 2017          Trainer at the National Institute of Justice, Moldova;
  • 2005 – 2017         Judge at the Chișinău Court of Appeal, Civil and Administrative Litigation College;
  • 1990 – 2004        Judge at Ciocana district Court, Chișinău;
  • 1985 – 1990         Consultant at the Supreme Court of Justice, Chișinău.



  • 1980 – 1985               – Bachelor's degree with honors, Law Faculty, Moldova State University;
  • 25 – 28.01.2011        – CEELI Institute Prague - the seminar on "The Intellectual Property Law", Prague, Czech Republic;
  • 26.11 – 20.12.2012   – International Visitor Leadership Program on the Judicial System in the US, organised  by the State Department of the USA;
  • 2013 – 2017              – Member of the Human Rights Resource Group created by the Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova (NORLAM) and ABA ROLI Moldova, participating in 12 trainings, 2 study visits to the European Court of Human Rights and Norway, undertook a Management of Change training program and implemented 5 mini-projects;
  • 10 – 11.09.2013      – National Institute of Justice (NIJ) - training for trainers "Jurisprudence of the ECtHR on certain aspects of Art. 6 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights", Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 10.10.2013             – Workshop "Mediation in the field of intellectual property", organised  by the State Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova, the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova and the NIJ, Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 29.11.2013             – The training seminar for trainers "Adversarial principle, the principle of immediacy and the equality of arms. Administration of evidences. The "non bis in idem" principle", organised  by the NIJ and the American Bar Association, Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 12 – 13.12.2013    – NIJ: The advanced training program for trainers "Active-participatory training methodology", Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 15 – 16.04.2014    – Trainer at the "Intellectual Property Law" seminar organised  by the NIJ , in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Wolf Theisis and ACI Partners, with the support of the Government of the Czech Republic;
  • 18 – 19.09.2014   – "Modern methodological techniques for trainings within the NIJ", seminar organised  by the NIJ  in collaboration with the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ), Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 25 – 26.09.2014   – NIJ  and NORLAM, Center for Continuous Training in the Electoral Field - the training seminar for trainers "Solving electoral disputes", Chișinău, Moldova.
  • 16 – 17.10.2014    – NIJ:  "Practice of applying fiscal and customs legislation", Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 13 – 14.11.2014     – NIJ training for trainers "Development of adult training skills. Interactive teaching methods", Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 02 – 03.11.2015    – NIJ:  
    • "The practical use of ECtHR decisions at the national level";
    • "Examination of intellectual property disputes - civil procedure";
    • "Effectiveness of national remedies regarding the duration of judicial and enforcement procedures";
    • training for trainers „ The ECtHR practice regarding freedom of expression for justice actors. Consolidation and application of teaching skills. Contact with the mass-media";
    • training for trainers „The procedure before the European Court of Human Rights: new trends, challenges and perspectives";
  • Norwegian Mission of Experts for the Promotion of the Rule of Law in Moldova:  
    • „Aspects related to Article 6 of the ECHR: the civil action in the criminal process: the hearing of witnesses at a distance. Realities and perspectives.”;
    • „Development of communication skills, public discourse, non-verbal communication and communication with mass-media".
  • 09.09 – 28.11.2014    Training course for trainers "European Court of Human Rights standards and their application at the national level" (80 academic hours), organised  by the Council of Europe, Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 21 – 22.03.2016          The training for trainers program with the generic "Presentation and Modeling Skills", organised  by the NIJ, American Bar Association; Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 16.06.2016                   NIJ : seminar "Mediation and arbitration - alternative means of solving disputes in criminal, civil and commercial cases"; Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 03 – 04.11.2016          "The sub-regional seminar for representatives of the judicial system regarding the development of respect for intellectual property", organised  by the State Agency for Intellectual Property in collaboration with the National Institute of Justice, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Patent Office, Chișinău, Moldova;
  • 31.05.2017                 "Annual Conference of Actors in the Field of Justice", organised  by the Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova (NORLAM) and the Human Rights Resource Group;
  • 17 – 18.06.2017          Training workshop "The role of the Judge in a democratic society: standards, good practices and individual motivation", organised  by the Legal Resources Center of Moldova, Chișinău, Moldova;
  • June 2018                 Round-table, participant at the discussions on the observance of the human rights, United Nations, Geneva;
  • September 2018       – Rapporteur, International Conference on strengthening the judicial independence, OSCE, Warsaw, Poland;
  • October 2018            – PACE session, Strasbourg, France;
  • November 2018       – Participant and rapporteur on the ensuring and strengthening the judicial independence, European Parliament, Strasbourg, France.



  • Article published in the Journal of the National Institute of Justice no. 3 /2012 regarding the legislation and the national practice in the field of compliance with the reasonable term (Law no. 87 of 21.04.2011);
  • Discourse „The independence of constitutional courts: the case of the Court of the Republic of Moldova”, World Law Congress Madrid 2021, 5-6 July 2021, Madrid, Spain;
  • Article „Rule of Law and the Pandemic - The Experience of the Republic of Moldova” for the World Law Congress Colombia 2021, 2-3 December 2021;
  • Interview „Quel rôle pour les juridictions constitutionnelles en temps de crises? Entretien avec la présidente de la Cour constitutionnelle de la République de Moldova, Domnica MANOLE, Lettre de l'Est Magazine n° 23 – 2021;
  • Article published in the Journal of the National Institute of Justice no. 4(63) of 2022 on the strengthening of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova independence;
  • Discourse at the Solemn Assembly dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 1923 Constitution of Romania “The Centennial of the Constitution of Unified Romania (1923 – 2023)”, Bucharest, Romania, 27 March 2023;
  • Discourse „The Constitutional Court and the mechanism for selecting the members of the Superior Council of Magistracy”, International Conference, Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul, 20-22 June 2023;
  • Article „The Constitutional Court, the political parties and the militant democracy principle and the principles of the rule of law”, World Law Congress New York 2023, United States of America, New York, 20-21 July 2023.



  • Awarded the Diploma of Honor of the Superior Council of Magistracy of 07.02.2012 for the success achieved in the execution of justice and conscientious attitude towards the work obligations.
  • Awarded the "Veteran of the judicial system" honorific title by the Decision of the Superior Council of Magistracy of 29.09.2015, for a 25-year activity as judge and an impeccable behavior.
  • Awarded the "Excellent" qualification, granted by the Decision of the Evaluation of the Performances of Judges Panel of the Superior Council of Magistracy No. 54/6 of 20.11.2015.
  • Awarded the highest grade of 100 points, obtained by the Decision of the Selection and Career of Judges Panel No. 146/16 of 10.12.2015.
  • The 2020 Person of the Year in Justice award, designated and granted by the Moldova VIP Magazine.
  • For outstanding professional results, was included in the “Top 100 Romanians Everywhere” in the 2021 edition of the Newsweek Romania magazine no. 4 (2021), published on 1 October 2021.


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