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Nicholas G. SANTIS, J


Nicholas G. Santis was born in Famagusta Cyprus in 1962. He studied Jurisprudence (Law) at the University of Oxford and was awarded a Master of Arts degree (MA) in Jurisprudence (by conversion). He holds a BA in Political Science from Boston University, and a PhD in Law from the University of Edinburgh, School of Law. He is currently a doctoral candidate (DPhil) at the University of OxfordSchool of Law.


He was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court in December 2020. He served as Acting District Court Judge (1995-1996), District Court Judge (1996-2004), Senior District Court Judge (2004-2013), and President, District Court (2013-2020). He served as President of the Larnaca-Famagusta Assize Court (2019-2020 and 2013-2015), as a Member of the of the Assize Court of Nicosia (2009-2013) and of the Assize Court of Limassol-Paphos (2001-2013). He participated as a member of the Committee on Judicial Reform, and the Rules Committee. He is a Trainer Judge in the Cyprus School for Judicial Training. He was President elect of the Cyprus Judges Association for three consecutive terms until his appointment as Supreme Court Justice (2013-2020). He was a member of the Cyprus Board of Bar Examiners, and a Lecturer and Examiner on Criminal Law (for approximately fifteen years) and Evidence Law (for approximately four concurrent years). He has taught (pro bono) Criminal Investigation Law as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Cyprus Law School. He was a Member of the Cyprus Crime Prevention Council for seven years, representing therein the Cypriot Judiciary by permission and selection of the Supreme Court of Cyprus.


He successfully completed assigned chairmanship duties in various Working Groups during the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union (2012). He gave lectures in local universities and international legal conferences, and has written legal articles which have been published in Cypriot and international journals. He is the co-author (with the now deceased Takis Eliades, ex-Justice of the Supreme Court) of a book on evidence law, titled The Law of Evidence: Procedural and Substantive Aspects (First Edition: 2014, Second Edition: 2016).


He is married, and a father of three children.

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