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Janne Salminen


Degrees and education      

  • Doctor of Laws, University of Turku 2015;
  • Licentiate of Laws (eximia cum laude approbatur), University of Turku 1999;
  • Master of Laws (with special mention of excellence), University of Turku 1994.


Current position

  • Professor of Public Law (julkisoikeuden professori), University of Turku, 2018 –
  • Vice Dean (varadekaani), University of Turku, Faculty of Law, 2017 -
  • Title of Docent of Constitutional Law, University of Helsinki (valtiosääntöoikeuden dosentti), 2017 –
  • Title of Docent of Constitutional and European Law, Åbo Akademi University (dosentti, docent av konstitutionell samt europarätt) 2018 –



Research and teaching positions held in Universities

  • Professor of Public Law (julkisoikeuden professori), University of Turku, 2018 –
  • Associate Professor of Public Law (julkisoikeuden apulaisprofessori), University of Turku, 2016–2018;
  • University lecturer of Public law, (julkisoikeuden yliopistonlehtori), University of Turku 2015–2016 and several other researcher and teacher positions within University of Turku since 1996.


Other experience in legal professions and significant long term positons of expertise

  • Référendaire (esittelijä), Supreme Court of Finland 2015 – (Åland Islands Cases);
  • Secretary (sihteeri) of the Parliamentary Committee preparing the Amendments of the Constitution of Finland, (Perustuslain tarkistamiskomitea), 2008 – 2010;
  • Legal Counsel (lainopillinen sihteeri), The State Audit Board 2007 – 2015;
  • Legal Secretary of the Chancellor of the University, University of Turku 2000 – 2009;
  • Référendaire (esittelijä), Supreme Administrative Court of Finland 1998 – 2000.


Other expert positions

  • Constitutional and Public law expert in the Committees of the Parliament since year 2003, especially the Constitutional Law Committee (numerous written opinions and oral hearings every year);
  • Occasional referee for academic journals and for publication proposals to publishers;
  • Assessor/Expert for numerous appointment procedures of various academic positons both in Finland and Sweden.  



  • Leader (PI) of the Research Project Valmiuslaki ja perusoikeudet poikkeusoloissa - Valtiosääntöoikeudellinen kokonaisarvio valmiuslain ja perustuslain 23 §:n suhteesta, funded by the valtioneuvosto, 2017 – 2018;
  • Leader (PI) of the WP7 in the Research consortium Silent agents affected by legislation (SILE) funded by Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Council, 2020 –
  • Leader (PI) of the Research consortium Just Recovery from Covid-19? Fundamental Rights, Legitimate Governance and Lessons Learnt (JuRe), funded by Academy of Finland, Strategic Research Council, 2021 –



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