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Born: 8 November 1932 in Cospicua, Malta, son of the late Professor Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, at that time Minister for the Treasury and of Police, and of the late  Mary nee` Ross.
Educated at the Lyceum and the University of Malta (Bachelor of Arts, 1952 and Doctor of Laws, 1955).
Practised as a lawyer in the law courts of Malta (1956-87).
In March 1966, Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici contested successfully the second electoral division, in the interests of the Nationalist Party. He was elected to the same seat in all the following elections (1971,76,81,87,92). Opposition spokesman on Education (1972-87).  Within the Nationalist Party he was elected President of the General Council and of the Administrative Council in 1976-87,  Chairman of the Press Board in 1978-87. In 1974 and again in 1986-87, he formed part of the opposition delegation which was dealing with the changes to the Constitution passed by Parliament in 1974 and 1987.
Dr. Mifsud Bonnici was appointed Minister of Education in 1987 with responsibilities for the Environment, Culture, Museums, Libraries, Youth, Broadcasting as well as all levels of schools and the University. In 1990 he was also given the portfolios of the Interior and Lands. After the 1992 elections he was confirmed in Education, Museums and Libraries and was entrusted with the portfolio for Human Resources  (Labour and Training). During that time (1987-94) he was responsible for a new Education Law (1988); The Law for the Protection of the Environment (1990);  the National Archives Act (1990);the new Broadcasting Law (1991);the Law for the transfer to the State of Church property(1992); the Law for the Protection of Health and Safety at Work (1994).
Dr.Mifsud Bonnici was elected President of Malta on the 4th. April 1994 and finished his term of office on the 4th. April 1999.
Dr. Mifsud Bonnici received honorary degrees from the University of Malta in 1995 and from the University of the Sorbonne (Paris IV) in 1996. 
Since his retirement has lectured at the University of Malta on History of Law and on Human Rights  and at the International Maritime Law Institute on Comparative Law. He is the Chairman of the Committee of Guarantee under the Law for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage. He is also the Chairman of two Foundations. In 2002 he was appointed to the Venice Commission.
Publications: "Biex il-futur jerga` jibda"(1976), "Il-linja t-tajba" (1981), "Biex il-futur rega` beda" (1992), "Il-Manwal tal-President"(1997), "Kif Sirna Republika" (1999) andAn Introduction to Comparative Law”(2004)Throughout the years he has contributed numerous articles to the Maltese Language and English Language newspapers. During his student days he directed the journal `Malta Letteraria` in Italian, and contributed to the other literary journal `Leħen il-Malti`.
On the 3rd. May 1959 Dr. Mifsud Bonnici married Gemma Bianco and they have two sons and a daughter,  Carmelo , Anton and Jeanne-Pia. The three are now lawyers and  Carmelo is a Member of Parliament.
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