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Evgeni Tanchev


Personal data

New Bulgarian University, Sofia University Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, School of Law, 83 Vasil Levski boulv.


  • Ph.D. Sofia University Law School 1979
  • M. A. Sofia University Law School 1975
  • English Language School/Sofia 1971 Russian Language School/Sofia 1966

Academic and Professional Career

  • Since 2003 – Justice at the Constitutional Court Republic of Bulgaria
  • 2002-2003 Chairman of the Council of Legal Advisors to the President of Republic of Bulgaria
  • 2002-2005 Jean Monnet Professor at New Bulgarian University
  • 2000- Head of the Constitutional Law Department at Sofia University” St. Cl. Ohridski” Law School
  • 1997 Project Coordinator on a direct Phare contract with the European Commission
  • 1995-1997 Member of the Council on Legislation to the Parliament of Republic of Bulgaria
  • 1994- Present Full Professor at Sofia University Law School,Full Professor at New Bulgarian University Law School,Full Professor at Sofia Economic University Law School,
  • 1992- 1993 Adjunct Professor at Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law
  • 1991- 1992 Visiting Scholar-in-residence University of Virginia Law School
  • 1990-1991 Legal expert to the National Round Table and Senior expert to the Constitutional Committee of the Grand National Assembly in Bulgaria
  • 1988-1991 Dean Sofia University Law School
  • 1990 Full Professor of Law Sofia University Law School
  • 1984 Associate Professor of Law Sofia University Law School
  • 1977 Assistant Professor of Law Sofia University Law School

Teaching Experience

  • Comparative Constitutional Law (Sofia University, Catholic University of USA )
  • Bulgarian Constitutional Law Constitutional Law of the European Union
  • Constitutional and European Protection of Human Rights Constitutional Theory and Political Institutions
  • Constitutionalism in Central and Eastern Europe Constitutionalism in Western Europe
  • Comparative Political Liberties
  • Lectures in Comparative Law, Comparative Government, Protection of Human Rights

Fellowships and Honours

  • NATO Fellowship ( 1997 )
  • Earhart Foundation Award (1992)
  • American Council of Learned Societies
  • American Council of Learned Societies
  • Comparative Political Liberties
  • American Council of Learned Societies


  • More than 120 publications, including seven books
  • 2007 Constitutional Law of Bulgaria for Constitutional Law of EU member states serried published in Kluwer Press in print
  • 2004-2005 4 Articles in Comparative Constitutional Law Review in Russian
  • 2003 Introduction to the Constitutional Law, Sofia,2003,484 - textbook
  • 2002 Fundamental Rights of Man and Citizen, Sofia, 2002, 231
  • 1998 Constitutional Implications of Membership to the European Union for Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 1998, 204
  • 1998 American Constitutionalism, Sofia Univ. Publ., 346 p
  • 1997 The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bulgaria, Jurisprudence Manual,1991-1996 coauthor, Open Society publ.,Colpi Project,660 p.;
  • 1994 Constitutions in the World, Sofia Univ. Publ.,v.I
  • 1991 Constitutions, Sofia, Delta Publishing, 244 p.
  • 1989 Political Rights in the U.S.A.,Sofia, BANU Publishing, 356p.
  • 1984 The Constitutional Doctrine of Alexander Stambolyiski, Sofia BANU Publishing, 252 p.
  • 1979 Dissertation on the American Presidency , Sofia,271 1997 Amendments to the 1991 Constitution Implied by Bulgarian Membership to the European Union;
  • 1996 Presidency viewed from Eastern Europe, University Press of America;
  • 1995 Constitutional Performance in the Postcommunist Societies Reflections on Constitutionalism in Transition or the Legacy of Transitory Constitutions;
  • 1993 Rationalized Parliamentarism in the Emerging Democracies, East European Constitutional Review The Chicago University Law School;
  • Articles on the separation of powers, Constitutional Law of the European Union, federalism, models of constitutionalism, American and comparative presidency, comparative political liberties, judicial review, and constitutional drafting in Bulgarian law reviews.
  • Bulgaria: Constitution and the Rule of Law, in Bulgaria in Transition, ed. John Bell, Westview Press, 1999
  • Human Rights and their Protection , editor, nutshell 1999 Dictionary of European Legal Terms, editor,Phare Project Approximation of Legislation
  • Commentary on the 1991 Bulgarian Constitution 1999

Academic Conferences and Special Lectures

  • 2007, Report to the IACL Congress in Athens
  • 2006,2007 Lectures to Un Demi seminars in Trieste University
  • 2005,2006,2007 Reports at the Conferences in Moscow,organized by the Russian Constitutional Court and Congresses in Comparative and EU law in Regensburg University
  • 2005 Lecture on Constitutional pluralism at W.Halstein Institute at Humboldt University berlin
  • 2004 Report on Constitutional Review in Comparative Law in the Parthenon University in Athens;
  • International Electoral Law Standards – report to the Symposium organized by the European Commission on Democracy through Law of the Council of Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria;1998 Constitutional Implications of Membership to the European Union for Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 1998, 204
  • Winebottling the Legitimacy in the EU or EU Legitimation by a Written Constitution – report to the 34th Session of Asser Institute Colloquium on European Law held in October in the Hague;Political Freedom and Political Rights – report to the Conference in Moscow organized by Institute of Law and Public Policy and Konrad Adenauer foundation
  • 2003 Report on Bulgarian Constitutionalism in Comparative Perspective to the Rigas Closing Simposium in Athens
  • 2002 Comparative Constitutional Law Course of Lectures delivered in Almaty Kazahstan as a Branch of the CEU Budapest
  • 2001 Report on the Constitutional Principles and the Enlargement to the Conference in Milano on the EU Enlargement
  • 2000 Asser Millenium Conference in the Hague report on the Bulgarian constitution and the EU Enlargement
  • 1999 Constitutional Safeguards of Legality and Legitimacy - report to the Civil Service Forum at EIPA in Maastricht
  • Consulting Electoral Law and Constitutional Amendment drafing CNR in Tadjikistan, Electoral Disputes Resolution consulting the Constitutional and Supreme Court in Kyrgyztan ( OSCE)
  • Reports at Rigas Network Founding in Greece for Balkan Constitutionalism (1999,2000,2001),
  • Report on Adaptation of the National Constitutions to the EU Founding Treaties International Law to the conference in the Hague
  • Report on the Comparative Dimensions of 1879 Tirnovo Constitution
  • 1998 Consulting Constitution Drafting of CNR of Tadjikistan as IFES and CEELI of ABA expert
  • 1998 Judicial Independence, Report to the International Conference of Judges at Isik Kul, Kyrgyztan
  • 1997 Reports to the International Conferences on the Asylum and the rights of the Aliens, Approximation of Laws by the National Assembly of Bulgaria and the Implications to the National Constitutions from the European Union Membership
  • 1996 Powers and Apparatus of the Presidency, International Conference organised by the Republican Institute of the USA and the Centre for Liberal Studies, Opening Report on the Typology of the Presidential Institutions
  • 1995 Conference on Legal Problems of the Freedom of Information according to art. 10 of the European Convention, organised by the Council of Europe in Sofia
  • 1995 Legal Norms Governing the Religious Sector: Emerging Issues in Legal Systems Around the World, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA
  • 1994,1995 East - West Forum at the European Institute, European Academy of Law at Florence in Italy
  • 1994 Conference on the Separation of Powers and European Convention of Human Rights organised by the International Institute of Human Rights (Strasbourg)
  • 1993 Brendan F. Brown Lecture, The Catholic University Law School
  • 1992 Lecture at the White Burkett Miller Centre University of Virginia
  • 1992 Toward Constitutionalism and Democracy in Eastern Europe ,Charlottesville, Virginia
  • 1991 Prosperity and the Rule of Law International Conference, Westfields, U S A Constitutional Revolutions in Eastern Europe; International Conference at Chicago University Law School and American/Bulgarian workshops on the judiciary and draft constitution
  • 1990 Constitutional Drafting in the Emerging Democracies Council of Europe, Malta
  • 1989 Constitutional Reforms , International Conference, Moscow, Institute of Law and State of USSR
  • 1987 Second Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law in Paris
  • 1978-1987 12 Conferences held in Bulgaria and the Universities in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, and Moscow Short Term Specializations at University in Friburg 1999, University of London, Center of US Studies (1998), University College London and Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (1997),Catholic University of Leuven (1996), European University Florence(1995,1994),London School of Economics(1984)


  • Founding member of American-Bulgarian Association of Sofia University, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Founder and Member of the Executive Board of the International Commission of Jurists - Bulgarian Branch
  • Member of CEELI/ABA (asked to prepare opinions on Bulgarian, Albanian, and Lithuanian draft constitutions)
  • Member of the Academy of the Freedom of Religious Belief
  • – Texas Member of the the Editing Boards of Savremenno Pravo
  • ( Contemporary Law in Bulgarian) and European Public Law published by Kluwer – P. Brinkinshaw, University of Hull, UK
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