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Prof. Dr. Srdjan Darmanović 


  • Born on July 18, 1961 in Cetinje, Montenegro.
  • Professor of Comparative Politics at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro.
  • Member of The Venice Commission (European Commission for Democracy through Law) of the Council of Europe's from 2005 to present.
  • Founder and the first dean of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro (2003-2010).
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro (2016-2020).
  • Ambassador of Montenegro to the USA (2010-2016.). At the same time ambassador of Montenegro to Canada on the non-resident base.
  • Founder and President of the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM), think-tank based in Podgorica, Montenegro (1998-2010).
  • President of the Board of the Diplomatic Academy of Montenegro (2004-2006).
  • During 1990s politically active against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic.  Served as a Member of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1992-1996).
  • Author of two books: Malformed Democracy: The Drama of Yugoslav Post-communism (Belgrade, Serbia 1993) Real-socialism: Anatomy of Colaps (Podgorica, Montenegro 1996).
  • Co-author in the books: 1. Electoral and Party System in Montenegro - Perspectives of Inter-party Democracy (Podgorica, Montenegro, 2016); 2. Voters, Parties and Elections - How to Democratize Parties in Montenegro and Serbia (Belgrade, Podgorica 2016); 3. Europe and the Americas: Trans-Atlantic Approach to Human Rights (Copenhagen, Denmark and Boston, USA 2015); 4. Electoral Legislation and Elections in Montenegro 1990-2006 (Podgorica, Montenegro 2007); 5. Referendum in Montenegro 2006 (Podgorica, Montenegro 2007); 6. Beetween Authoritarianism and Democracy: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia – Institutional Framework (Belgrade, Serbia 2003) and others.
  • Author of the articles in international magazines for political science and international affairs: 1. The Never Boring Balkans: The Elections of 2016, Journal of Democracy, Vol. 28, No. 1, January 2017, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), John Hopkins University Press, Washington, DC, USA; 2. Montenegro: A Miracle in the Balkans, Journal of Democracy, Vol. 18, No. 2, April 2007, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), John Hopkins University Press, Washington, DC, USA; 3. Montenegro: The Dilemmas of Small Republic, Journal of Democracy, Vol. 14, No. 1, April 2003, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), John Hopkins University Press, Washington, DC, USA; 4. Stability and Continuity in Montenegro, Südosteuropa Mitteilungen, 03/2003, Südosteuropa Gesellschaft, Munich, Germany; 5. Electoral Disputes - Procedural Aspects, Science and Technique of Democracy, No. 48, 2010, Councel of Europe, Strasbourg; 6. Parliamentary or Presidential System - “eternal debate” in the new circumstances”, Montenegrin Academy of Science and Art, 28/2005, Podgorica, Montenegro; and others.
  • Columnist in former Belgrade daily Naša Borba (1990-1997) and in Montenegrin weekly Monitor (1994-2003).
  • Guest lecturer in several universities or institutes, including: The Georgetown University, John Hopkins University/SAIS and The US Foreign Service Institute (Washington DC, USA); Colby University (Maine, USA) University of Hamburg (Germany); La Sapienzza University, Rome (Italy), etc.
  • Member of international study group of the Aspen Institute that published report/book "Future of the Balkans" (working sessions: Berlin-Sarajevo-Istanbul 1997-98).
  • Testified twice (1998 and 2000) as an expert before Helsinki Commission of the US Congress.
  • Hobby: chess master. Awarded with the title “US National Master for life” by the US Chess Federation
  • Married, father of one child.
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