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Fundamental Rights - Freedom of religion and conscience
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CDL(2020)034  English  22/09/2020 -  Public
Uzbekistan - Draft Joint opinion on the draft Law on freedom of conscience and religious organisations  (J. VELAERS, B. VERMEULEN)
CDL-REF(2020)065  English  09/09/2020 -  Public
Uzbekistan - Draft Law on Freedom of conscience and religious organisations 
CDL(2019)018  English  07/06/2019 -  Public
Montenegro - Draft Opinion on the draft Law on Freedom of Religion or Beliefs and legal status of religious communities  (N. EȘANU, J. VELAERS, B. VERMEULEN)
CDL(2018)004  English  02/02/2018 -  Public
Armenia - Draft Joint Opinion amending the Law on Freedom of Conscience and on Religious Organisations  (J. OMEJEĆ, J. VELAERS, B. VERMEULEN)
CDL(2014)029  English  19/05/2014 -  Public
Joint Guidelines on the Legal Personality of Religious or Belief Communities  (F. FLANAGAN, B. VERMEULEN)
CDL(2014)017  English  12/03/2014 -  Public
Draft Opinion on the draft law on amendments and supplementation of Law N° 02/L-31 p, Freedom of Religion of Kosovo*  (F. FLANAGAN, J. VELAERS, J. SØRENSEN, B. VERMEULEN)
CDL-REF(2014)006  English  24/02/2014 -  Public
Law n°02/L-31 on Freedom of Religion in Kosovo, and Addendum 
CDL(2013)023  English  29/05/2013 -  Public
Draft Opinion on the Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law of Hungary  (C. GRABENWARTER, H. SUCHOCKA, K. TUORI, J. VELAERS, W. HOFFMANN-RIEM)
CDL-REF(2011)045  English  05/09/2011 -  Public
Draft law on freedoms of conscience and religion of the Republic of Armenia 
CDL-AD(2007)006add2  Engl./Fr.  23/03/2007 -  Public
No title  (L. CHRISTIANS)
CDL-FR(2007)001  English  12/03/2007 -  Public
Draft Preliminary Report on the National Legislation in Europe concerning Blasphemy, Religious Insults and Inciting Religious Hatred  (P. VAN DIJK, H. SUCHOCKA, F. FLANAGAN, L. CHRISTIANS)
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