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CDL-PI(2018)005  English  13/06/2018 -  Public
Compilation of Venice Commission opinions and reports on social rights 
CDL-PL-OJ(2018)002ann  English  08/06/2018 -  Public
115th Plenary Session (Venice, 22-23 June 2018) - Draft Annotated Agenda  
CDL-PL-OJ(2018)002ann  French  08/06/2018 -  Public
115e session plénière (Venise, 22-23 juin 2018) - projet d'ordre du jour annoté 
CDL-REF(2018)024  English  08/06/2018 -  Public
Romania - Draft Law No 419 amending the Law on the Superior Council of Magistracy 
CDL-REF(2018)022  English  08/06/2018 -  Public
Romania - Draft Law No 417 amending the Law No 304/2004 on judicial organisation 
CDL-REF(2018)026  English  07/06/2018 -  Public
Draft law on amendments to the law on the Judicial Council and Judges 
CDL-EL(2018)003  Albanian  04/06/2018 -  Public
Preliminary report on improvements in Albanian electoral processes  
CDL-EL(2018)002syn  English  18/05/2018 -  Public
2nd Scientific Electoral Experts Debates: Equal Suffrage - Synopsis 
CDL-REF(2018)020  English  16/05/2018 -  Public
Hungary - "Stop Soros” draft legislative package 
CDL-REF(2018)015  English  26/04/2018 -  Public
Serbia - Draft amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia 
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