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918/2018 - Constitutional amendments as adopted at the second and third hearings in December 2017
Monitoring Committee, Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe
114th Plenary Session
916/2018 - Republic of Moldova - draft Law on the modification and completion of the Constitution
Moldova, Republic, Ministry of Justice, State Secretary
114th Plenary Session_March 2018
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
115th Plenary Session, March 2018
913/2018 - Study on election dispute resolution
PACE - Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
114th Plenary Session - March 2017
910/2017 - Study - Recall of Mayors
Congress for Local and Regional authorities
114th Plenary Session_March 2018
908/2017 - Study on the Individual Right to Re-election
Organisation of Amercain States (OAS)
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)
March 2018
897/2017 - Study on Venice Principles
895/2017 - Study on Foreign Funding of Associations
890/2017 - Hungary - Opinion on questions related to the protection of privacy
Hungary, Minister of Justice
887/2017 - Study on Referendums
Venice Commission
881/2017 - Guidelines on Political Party regulation
874/2017 - Study on Identification of electoral irregularities through statistical methods
Venice Commission
869/2016 - Study on Gender Equality
Venice Commission
845/2016 - Study on the Interaction Majority - Opposition in a democracy (update of the 2010 Study on the role of the Opposition in Democratic Parliament)
Venice Commission
828/2015 - Report on lessons to be learnt from 25 years of International Elections Observations (IEO)
Venice Commission
826/2015 - Spain - Opinion on the Citizens’ security law
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly
Montenegro - Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe
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