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Gediminas Mesonis

Justice,  Constitutional Court of the Republic of  Lithuania.

Professor, Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania.



Positions  / Experience

2011 – present    Justice:  Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania.

2004 – present    Professor:  Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law at  Faculty of Law:  Mykolas Romeris University.

2005 – present     Visiting professor:  Sheffield (United Kingdom),  Prague (Czech Republic), Kiel  (Germany),  Brescia (Italy), Utrecht (The Netherlands),  Brno (Czech Republic), Minho (Portugal) and other universities.

2013 – present     Member of editorial board of scientific journal “Baltic Journal of Law & Politics“.

2011 – present     Member of editorial board of scientific journal “Logos”.

2007 – present     Member of editorial board of scientific journal “Jurisprudencija”.

2011 – 14             Professor: Vilnius University (Vilnius); Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas).

2009 – 11             Member of Senate: Mykolas Romeris University.

2006 – 11             Member of Executive Council: Lithuanian Human Rights Centre.

2004 – 10             Expert of experts group: Inspector of Journalist Ethics.

2000 – 02             Director of Centre for Studies: Law University of Lithuania.

1997 – 00             Researcher at the Department of Constitutional Law: Law University of  Lithuania.

1992 – 97             Researcher at the Department of Law and Computer Science: Law  University of Lithuania.


Education / Titles

2008                       Title of  Professor of Mykolas Romeris University.

2006                       Habilitation process at Mykolas Romeris University.

2003                       Associate professor (docent) at Mykolas Romeris University.

2000                     Doctor of Laws (Comparative constitutional  law), Law University of Lithuania.

  Doctoral thesis: “State government forms: comparative aspects in the Central and Eastern Europe context”.

1998                       Human Rights Diploma, Danish Centre for Human Rights.

1996 98              Master of Laws (LLM), Law Academy of Lithuania.

  Master’s thesis ”Separation of Powers and the Rule of Law”.

1992 96              Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Law Academy of Lithuania.

1986 91              Diploma of 5 years studies of Computer Science, Faculty of Physics:Vilnius Pedagogical Institute.


Fellowships / Grants / Conferences

2014                       The 4 th Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice. Seoul, S. Korea.

2013                       International Conference of Constitutional Courts. Bucharest, Romania.

2007                       Research grant at Faculty of Law at Copenhagen University. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2004                       Research grant at Faculty of Law  at Charles University. Prague, Czech Republic.

2003                       Grant for International Conference on Humanitarian Law. Toronto, Canada.

2001                      Grant for International /C/*-*onference on Constitutional Law at University of Kiel, Germany.

2000                      Fulbright Scholarship: Constitutional Law and Federalism. Philadelphia, United States of America.

1999                      Research grant on  human rights and civil society at University of Kiel, Germany.

1998                      Study grant at Danish Centre for Human Rights. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Articles / Reports / Presentations / Monographs  / Textbooks


Over 40 scholar articles, reports, presentations on constitutional law, comparative constitutional law,  human rights, philosophy of law,  legal theory were published in Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland  in Lithuanian or English languages.  The most important would include:

Mesonis G. The Relation between National Law and EU Law: Lithuania Case // Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Juridica No.4. Praha, 2013. P. 301- 315. ISSN 0323-0619.

Mesonis G. Konstitucinis valstybės ir bažnyčios atskyrimo principas: socialinės taikos metodologija (The Constitutional Principle of the Separation of Church and State: The Methodology of Social Peace)
// Logos Nr. 77, 2013. P.52-63. ISSN 0868-7692.


Mesonis G. T. G. Masaryko idealios valstybės vizija: tarpukario Čekoslovakijos pasaulėžiūros pamokos  (T. G. Masaryk’s Vision on the Ideal of the State: Lessons Drawn from the Interwar Czechoslovakian World Outlook)  // Logos Nr. 74, 2013. P.95-107. ISSN 0868-7692.


Mesonis G. Interpreters of the Constitution: The Problem of Typology // Baltic Journal of Law and Politics  Volume 5, Number 2, 2012. P. 27-42.   ISSN 2029-0454.


Mesonis G. Žmogaus teisių turinio dichotominė dilema ( A Dichotomic Dilemma of the Content of Human Rights)   // Logos Nr. 72, 2012. P.109-123. ISSN 0868-7692.


Mesonis G. Presidents of the Baltic States in a Comparative Context: Elections and Powers // Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Juridica No.4. Praha, 2011. P. 75-87. ISSN 0323-0619.


Mesonis G. Teisinio diskurso dialektika (2 dalis) (The dialectic of the Legal discourse) (Part 2)
// Logos Nr. 67, 2011. P.16-22. ISSN 0868-7692.


Mesonis G. Teisinio diskurso dialektika (1 dalis) (The dialectic of the Legal discourse) (Part 1) 
// Logos Nr. 66,  2011. P.34-41. ISSN 0868-7692.


Mesonis G. Konstitucijos interpretavimo metodologiniai pagrindai. Monografija. ( The Outlook of the Interpretation of The Constitution. Monograph) Vilnius: Registrų centras, 2010.  ISBN 978-9955-30-083-0.


Mesonis G. Tomaš Garrique Masaryk and Mykolas Romeris: Two Figures, Two Approaches to the State and the Constitution // Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Juridica No.2. Praha, 2010. P. 37-62. ISSN 0323-0619.


Mesonis G. The President of the Republic and the Constitutional Principle of the „Separation of powers“ // Jurisprudencija. Mokslo darbai 9 (111). Vilnius, 2008. P.46-53.


Mesonis G. Main features of the Constitutions of the Baltic States // Trunk A., Nuutila A., ect. Recht im Ostseeraum: Einfuhrung und Entwicklungen. Berlin: BWV Berliner Wissenchafts – Verlag, 2006. P. 13-23. ISBN 3-8305-1127-2.


Mesonis G., Melius K. Constitutional conventions and the theory of relativity of moral norms // Warszawskie Studia Teologiczne. XVII. Warszawa, 2004. P. 219–232.


Mesonis G. Valstybės valdymo forma konstitucinėje teisėje: Lietuvos Respublika Vidurio ir Rytų Europos kontekste. Monografija. (Government Form in Constitutional Law: The Republic of Lithuania in the Context of Central and Eastern Europe. Monograph )  Vilnius: Lietuvos teisės universitetas, 2003. P.1- 232. ISBN 9955-563-37-0.


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