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UniDem for the Southern Mediterranean: 2nd National Coordinators Meeting

Paris - The second meeting of the focal points of the seven partners participating in the UniDem Seminars for the Southern Mediterranean (Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Palestinian National Authority and Tunisia) will be held 25 January 2017 in the Council of Europe Office in Paris.
Participants will discuss their respective national priorities and will determine the topics, dates and venues of upcoming UniDem Med seminars in 2017.
Established for the Southern Mediterranean in September 2015, UniDem Med seminars aim to the exchange of best democratic practices among ... read more

"The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" - Technical assistance to the State Election Commission

23/01/2017 - 26/01/2017
Skopje - At the request of the State Election Commission of "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", a delegation of the Venice Commission will undertake a fact-finding mission with a view to defining the modalities of a long term technical assistance. The delegation will meet with national and international stakeholders and will join the State Election Commission in its retreat.

Georgia – visit by the President and the Secretary of the Venice Commission

Tbilisi - In the framework of the preparation of the constitutional reform of Georgia, President of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio and Secretary of the Commission Thomas Markert visit Georgia to exchange views with the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia.

Poland - statement by the President of the Venice Commission

I am worried about the worsening situation within the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland. Following the attempts to influence the work of the Tribunal by means of legislative amendments, which were criticised by the Venice Commission, practical steps are now taken with the apparent aim to ensure that the Tribunal act in accordance with the will of the current political majority:

• The new President of the Tribunal was elected on the basis of a questionable procedure;

• The new President delegated her powers to another judge who was elected on a legal basis that had been f... read more

WCCJ - World Conference on Constitutional Justice – 104th member

The Constitutional Council of Djibouti joined the World Conference on Constitutional Justice, which now has 104 members.

Slovakia – request for opinion

The President of the Slovak Republic requested the Venice Commission’s opinion on questions related to the appointment of judges to the Constitutional Court.

Request for opinion – PACE/Turkey

Paris - During its meeting in Paris on 14 December 2016, the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe decided to request an opinion of the Venice Commission on the draft law on the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

109th Plenary Session of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe

09/12/2016 - 10/12/2016
The Commission

- Paid tribute to the late Mr Boualem Bessaïh, member of the Venice Commission in respect of Algeria;

- Elected Ms Jasna Omejec as Co-Chair of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice and Chair of the Sub-Commission on Constitutional Justice, following the non-renewal of the term of office of Mr Tanchev;

- Noted on the proposal of the Bureau that the substitute member of the Kyrgyz Republic is no longer able or qualified to exercise his function as substitute member of the Venice Commission;

- Adopted the amicus curiae brief for t... read more

"The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" - Early parliamentary elections - Legal assistance to the observation mission of the PACE

09/12/2016 - 12/12/2016
Skopje - A delegation of the Venice Commission accompanies the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) delegation to advise on the legal framework of the early parliamentary elections scheduled on 11 December 2016 in "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". The PACE delegation is to observe the opening, voting and counting processes of the early parliamentary elections.

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