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 Bodies of the Venice Commission (as of 10.12.2017)


President of the Commission - Mr G. Buquicchio (Italy);
First Vice-President  - Ms H. Kjerulf Thorgeirsdottir (Iceland); 

Honorary Presidents - Ms H. Suchocka (Poland), P. Paczolaiy (Hungary)

- Vice -Presidents:
  • Ms V. Bílková (Czech Republic/République Tchèque) 
  • Mr M. Frendo (Malta/Malte)
- Bureau:
  • President –    Mr Gianni Buquicchio (Italy)
  • 1st Vice-President –  Ms H. Kjerulf Thorgeirsdottir (Iceland); 
  • Vice-Presidents – Ms V. Bílková (Czech Republic), Mr M. Frendo (Malta)
  • Other Bureau members: - Ms C. Bazy-Malaurie (France), Mr J. M. Castella Andreu (Spain/Espagne),
    Mr I-W. Kang (Republic of Korea), Ms Talia Khabrieva (Russian Federation)
- Enlarged Bureau:

1. Members of the Bureau;
2. Chairs of the Sub Commissions :
  • Fundamental Rights - Mr B. Vermeulen (Netherlands) ;
  • Federal State and Regional State - Ms Regina Kiener (Switzerland);
  • International Law - Mr I. Cameron (Sweden);
  • Protection of Minorities - Mr J. Velaers (Belgium);
  • Judiciary - Mr R. Barrett (Ireland);
  • Democratic Institutions - Mr K. Tuori (Finland) ;
  • Working methods - Mr R. Clayton (United Kingdom);
  • Latin America - Mr J. L. Sardon (Peru); 
  • Mediterranean Basin - Mr G. Jeribi (Tunisia);
  • Rule of law - Mr W. Hoffmann-Riem (Germany);
  • Gender equality - Ms L. Err ( Luxemburg);
  • Co-Chair of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice - Mr C. Grabenwarter (Austria);  [i];
  • President of the Council for Democratic Elections - Mr Oliver Kask (Estonia).
- Sub Commissions :
  • Fundamental Rights: Chair - Mr B. Vermeulen (Netherlands) ; Vice-Chair -  Mr P. Dimitrov (Bulgaria);
  • Federal State and Regional State: Chair - Ms Regina Kiener (Switzerland); Vice-Chair - Ms S. Cleveland (United States of America) ;
  • International Law: Chair - Mr I. Cameron (Sweden); Vice-Chair - Mr A. Varga (Hungary)
  • Protection of Minorities: Chair - Mr J. Velaers (Belgium); Vice-Chair - Mr A. Endzins (Latvia) ;
  • Judiciary: Chair - Mr R. Barrett (Ireland); Vice-Chair - Ms J. Omejec (Croatia);
  • Democratic Institutions: Chair - Mr K. Tuori (Finland) ; Vice-Chair - Mr D. Meridor (Israel);
  • Working methods: Chair - Mr R. Clayton (United Kingdom); Vice-Chair -  Mr P. Vilanova Trias (Andorra);
  • Latin America: Chair - Mr J. L. Sardon (Peru); Vice-Chair - Ms J. Otálora Malassis (Mexico);
  • Mediterranean Basin: Chair - Mr G. Jeribi (Tunisia); Vice-Chair - Mr M. Medelci (Algeria);
  • Rule of law: Chair - Mr W. Hoffmann-Riem (Germany); Vice-Chair - Mr S.Holovaty (Ukraine);
  • Gender Equality: Chair - Ms L. Err (Luxemburg); Vice-Chair - Ms A. Anastas (Albania);
  • Constitutional Justice: Chair - Mr C. Grabenwarter (Austria); Vice-Chair - Mr Z. M. Knežević (Bosnia and Herzegovina).  
- Council for Democratic Elections :

        - on behalf of the Venice Commission:
Mr Oliver KASK (Estonia) -
Mr Srdjan DARMANOVIC (Montenegro)
Mr Aivars ENDZINS (Latvia)

Substitute Members
Mr Richard BARRETT
- on behalf of the Parliamentary Assembly:
Ms Josette DURRIEU, Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy
Lord Richard BALFE, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
Mr Jordi XUCLA, Monitoring Committee
Substitute Members
Mr Corneliu Mugurel COZMANZIUC, Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy
Ms Eka BESELIA, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
Mr Tiny KOX, Monitoring Committee

- on behalf of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (Congress):


  • Mr Stewart DICKSON, Chamber of regions
  • Mr Jos WIENEN, Chamber of local authorities

Substitute Members

  • Ms Dusica DAVIDOVIC, Serbia
  • Mr Luc MARTENS, Belgium
 - the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice:
  • Co-President [i] Mr C. Grabenwarter (Austria); :
  • Members of the Sub-Commission on Constitutional Justice;
  • Co-President [ii]  : Ms M. van Roosmalen (liaison officer, Council of State, the Netherlands);
  • 108 liaison officers from 71 Constitutional Courts or Courts with equivalent jurisdiction.


- the Scientific Council :
Chair: Mr J. Helgesen (Norway);
Vice-Chair: Mr O. Can (Turkey)
  • President and Vice-Presidents of the Commission;
  • Chairs of the Sub-Commissions;
  • Members or substitute members who direct Research Centres on Constitutional, International or Human Rights Law  

    - Useful link: Statements by the President Buquicchio
  [i] The chair of the Sub-Commission on Constitutional Justice acts as Co-President of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice.The other co-chair is elected by the liaison officers of the courts.
 [ii] The other co-chair is a liaison officer elected by his/her peers.


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