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67th plenary session of the Commission (Venice)

09/06/2006 - 10/06/2006

The Speaker of the parliament of Montenegro Mr Krivokapich participated in the plenary and informed the Commission on the possibilities of future cooperation in view of the preparation of the new Constitution for Montenegro following the referendum on the independence.

With respect to the “Draft Law of Georgia on the compensation and restitution of property of victims of the conflict in the former autonomous region of South Ossetia“, the Commission exchanged views with the Georgian authorities and adopted its opinion on the latest version of the draft law.

The draft legislation on churches and religious communities in the Republic of Serbia also was discussed at the plenary.

The amendments to the law on the Constitutional Court of Armenia following the revision of the Constitution in November 2005 was the subject of another opinion adopted at this session. One of the results of the constitutional revision is that individuals can lodge complaints with the Constitutional Court. The Commission has also adopted an opinion on possible constitutional and legislative improvements to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. For some time now this Court does not meet due to incomplete composition of the Court.

A study on the remedies in respect of the excessive length of proceedings before the national courts was also on the agenda. The study is being elaborated in the larger context of the principles stemming from the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights and takes into account the relevant work of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) of the Council of Europe.

As for electoral matters, the Commission has adopted:

- declaration on women’s participation in elections ;
- report on the participation of political parties in elections ;
- revised guide for the evaluation of elections;
- report on electoral law and electoral administration in Europe;
- joint Venice Commission –OSCE/OIHIR opinions on the electoral legislation of Armenia, Georgia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.




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