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Activities by year: 1997

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Workshop on the constitutional court in a state ruled by law (Baku)

04/12/1997 - 05/12/1997

Séminaire international sur le "Contrôle de la constitutionnalité et la protection des Droits de l'Homme" (Erévan)

22/10/1997 - 24/10/1997

Conference on "Five years of the Estonian Constitution" (Tallin)

26/09/1997 - 27/09/1997

UniDem Seminar "Law and foreign policy" (Santorini)

26/09/1997 - 27/09/1997

Workshop on the Relationship of Central Constitutional Courts and Constitutional Courts of Federated Entities (Petrozavodsk)

22/09/1997 - 24/09/1997

Workshop on "the Functioning of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia" (Riga)

03/07/1997 - 04/07/1997

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