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Kyrgyzstan - Conference on the principle of rule of law and the separation of powers

25/05/2009 - 26/05/2009

Bishkek - The international conference ‘Rule of Law and Principle of separation of powers’ was hosted by the Kyrgyz Parliament (Jogorku Kenesh). This event enjoyed strong support from the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe , the European Union and the UNDP. The Venice Commission received financial support from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct the conference.

During the conference, representatives of all branches of power, non-governmental and donor organizations discussed the issues of the rule of law and effective interaction between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of power for the benefit of further democratization.

The agenda of the conference included the following topics:
• constitutional principles of the rule of law and separation of powers;
• the role of the Parliament and executive agencies in the system of power separation; and
• the independence of the judiciary and the prospects of its development.

The participants in the conference – deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh, judges of the Constitutional and the Supreme Courts, officials from the Presidential Administration and the Office of the Government, representatives of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, the Bar as well as leaders of non-governmental human rights organizations – made a thorough analysis of the current situation in all above-mentioned areas. They stressed that despite the progress achieved in passing legislation aimed at the promotion democracy through the rule of law, there are still problems in the enforcement of the laws. In some cases, there are areas where the legislation needs to be improved. The participants concluded that the rule of law has not yet become the guiding principle in the daily activity of governmental agencies.
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