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Activities by year: 1999

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International Conference on "The Contribution of Constitutional Arrangements to the Stability of South Eastern Europe" (Brdo)

29/11/1999 - 30/11/1999

UniDem Seminar "Societies in conflict: the contribution of law and democracy to conflict resolution" (Bled)

26/11/1999 - 27/11/1999

Conference of Secretaries General of Constitutional Courts and bodies of equivalent jurisdiction (Kyiv)

25/11/1999 - 26/11/1999

Séminaire sur "la Constitution, la protection des Droits de l’Homme et l'ombudsman" (Sarajevo)

15/11/1999 - 15/11/1999

Seminar on "the Execution of Decisions of the Constitutional Court" (Kyiv)

28/10/1999 - 29/10/1999

Seminar on "Cases of Conflicts of Competence between State Powers before the Constitutional Court (Yerevan)

04/10/1999 - 05/10/1999

UniDem Seminar "The Right to a Fair Trial" (Brno)

23/09/1999 - 25/09/1999

Workshop on "The relationship between the Constitutional Court and the Ombudsman" (Kyiv) (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1-2 July 1999)

01/07/1999 - 02/07/1999

Seminar on Constitutional Control in Federal and Unitary States (Batumi)

01/07/1999 - 02/07/1999

Seminar on "the role of the Constitutional Court in the protection of private property" (Kishinev)

30/03/1999 - 31/03/1999

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Covid-19 pandemic -
Emergency powers -
 What standards?


During the current Covid-19 pandemic, national governments are taking exceptional measures to slow down the spread of the virus. On numerous occasions, the Venice Commission examined the limits of such emergency powers. The Commission has consistently underlined that State security and public safety can only be effectively guaranteed in a democracy which fully respects the rule of law. Even in genuine cases of emergency situations, the rule of law must prevail.


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