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95th Plenary Session of the Venice Commission (Venice)

14/06/2013 - 15/06/2013

Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista

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CDL(2013)032  English  11/06/2013 -  Public
Draft Opinion on the Draft Law on Civic Work Organisations of Egypt  (J. HELGESEN, P. PACZOLAY)
CDL(2013)030  English  06/06/2013 -  Public
Draft Opinion on the Draft Law on Temporary State Commission on Miscarriage of Justice of Georgia  (J. HAMILTON, A. SANCHEZ NAVARRO, N. EȘANU)
CDL(2013)026  English  27/05/2013 -  Public
President's Activities from 4 March to 23 May 2013 
CDL-REF(2013)024  English  21/05/2013 -  Public
Draft Law of Georgia on temporary State Commission on Miscarriages of Justice  
CDL(2013)022  French  03/06/2013 -  Public
Projet d'avis sur l'équilibre des pouvoirs dans la constitution et la législation de la Principauté de Monaco  (J. SCHOLSEM, L. TROCSANYI, J. SØRENSEN, B. VERMEULEN)
CDL(2013)022  English  04/06/2013 -  Public
Draft Opinion on the balance of powers in the constitution and the legislation of the Principality of Monaco  (J. SCHOLSEM, L. TROCSANYI, J. SØRENSEN, B. VERMEULEN)
CDL(2013)020  English  24/05/2013 -  Public
Draft Joint Opinion on the electoral Code of "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"  (O. KASK, D. BISSON)
CDL-REF(2013)015  English  04/06/2013 -  Public
Law of Ukraine on national referendum 
CDL-OJ(2013)003ann  English  28/05/2013 -  Public
95th Plenary Session (Venice, 14-15 June 2013) - Draft Annotated Agenda 
CDL-OJ(2013)003ann  French  28/05/2013 -  Public
95e Session plénière (Venise, 14-15 juin 2013) - Projet d'ordre du jour annoté 




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