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TUNISIA - Strategic communication of the independent bodies


Tunis - The Venice Commission organised a seminar on the institutional communication of Tunisian independent bodies entitled "Tunisian independent bodies: the keys to a successful communication policy".

The seminar met the needs of independent bodies to improve visibility and structure their communication in their day-to-day relations with civil society, other state bodies, the authorities, the private sector, and the media. The seminar also reflected on the need and the form of coordination between the various bodies in the field of communication. Recommendations were formulated at the end of the seminar with the aim of guiding future activities in terms of strategic communication of Tunisian independent bodies.

The seminar was financed by the independent bodies project in Tunisia (PAII-T) which is a joint Council of Europe-European Union project (2019-2021) and that also contains a component on the visibility of the independent authorities.

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