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ARMENIA – All sides need to exercise restraint, mutual respect and constructive institutional co-operation - Statement by President Buquicchio


"I have been closely following the situation in Armenia for several months already.

I am very preoccupied about the open conflict between on the one side the Government and Parliament and on the other side the Constitutional Court.
The quick succession and mediatisation of recent events do not contribute to a serene settlement of the problems.

In a Democracy, the parliament is the depositary of popular sovereignty and thus enjoys the highest democratic legitimacy. The constitutional court is a safeguard institution, entrusted with upholding constitutional values.

In a democratic country, all State institutions and office holders have to respect their own prerogatives, obligations and competences and acknowledge and respect those of the other institutions. They have to exercise appropriate institutional restraint, observe the relevant procedures in good faith and display respect for each other.

If this is not done, if there lacks democratic culture and maturity, the functioning of the state institutions is compromised and the democratic, civil and economic progress of the society is jeopardised.

I call on all sides to exercise restraint, mutual respect and constructive institutional co-operation in order to de-escalate this worrying situation and re-establish the normal operation of the constitution of Armenia."
G. Buquicchio, President of the Venice Commission




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