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TUNISIA - Towards strengthening the quality of regulation and legislation - workshop


Tunis – In the framework of the “Project for the Improvement, Functioning, Performance and Access to Justice in Tunisia” (AP-JUST), which is a joint programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe (2019-2021), the Venice Commission and the Centre for Legal and Judicial Studies (CEJJ) under the aegis of the Tunisian Ministry of Justice, organised a general training workshop on the quality of regulation and legislation in Tunisia for the benefit of members of the CEJJ and executives of the Ministry of Justice.

The development of high-quality legislation, in line with the real needs of Tunisian society, is one of the priorities of the AP-Just programme and requires specific technical knowledge in order to guarantee coherent efficient regulation. The expertise of the Venice Commission as well as international good practice in this area, taking into account local specificities, is particularly significant in supporting specific national actors in the drafting of laws.

This workshop was attended by international (from Switzerland and the Netherlands) and national experts, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the ECJC, the Venice Commission and other departments of the Council of Europe. It provided an effort to initiate reflection in order to clarify the bases necessary to be able to participate in or manage legislative projects effectively and to determine the more specific training needs that will follow in the future.




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07 - 08/12/2023, Cologne, Germany  

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