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CDL-REF(2022)036  Anglais  26/09/2022 -  Publique
Republic of Moldova - Draft electoral code 
CDL-REF(2022)035  Anglais  22/09/2022 -  Publique
Kazakhstan - Draft constitutional law “On the Commissioner for Human Rights"  
CDL-REF(2022)032  Anglais  20/09/2022 -  Publique
Andorra - Law on the creation and functioning of the Ombudsman  
CDL-REF(2022)029  Anglais  19/09/2022 -  Publique
Bulgaria - Judicial System Act with Draft Amendments (consolidated version)  
CDL-REF(2022)030  Anglais  19/09/2022 -  Publique
Bulgaria - Criminal Procedure Code with Draft Amendments (consolidated version) 
CDL-PI(2022)029  Anglais  02/09/2022 -  Publique
Compilation of Venice Commission Opinions concerning Freedom of Association 
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